Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream Review

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream Review

Restore hydration to the skin in just 28 days | The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream

Are you looking to renew your moisturizer or try something else? I have just tried the NEW magic water cream, and can't get enough of it!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream Review
The Hydrating Magic Water Cream

Charlotte Tilbury has recently released her latest moisturizing treatment, which works wonders! The fragrance-free, gel-cream texture melts into the skin immediately, leaving a deeply moisturized and comfortable sensation. The daily hydrating cream offers up to 100 hydration with a fresh, dewy finish. The skin is instantly replenished and appears healthier. The magic water cream is ideal for thirsty, dehydrated skin and helps to reduce the look of pores, redness, + dehydration lines.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream Review
What's Inside?

Inside the deeply moisturizing formula lies exclusive Charlotte Tilbury technology.

  • Hydrating water-locking Fusion Technology™️: This moisture-restoring formula is composed of HYDAGEN™* AQUAPORIN and a BETA GLUCAN blend. Helping to strengthen the skin's natural barrier, it helps limit moisture loss.
  • Niacinamide + Oil Balancing Extract: Ideal for oily and combination skin types, this dup helps reduce dilated pores.
  • Biopeptide Complex: This active leaves your skin looking smooth and firm.
What Causes Dehydrated Skin?

The truth is a lot of things can cause dehydrated skin types, but a few things are most known to knock your skin out of balance.

  • Using skincare that is too harsh for your skin type or needs. (purifying effects, cleansers, etc.)
  • Long exposition to the sun unprotected.
  • Over exfoliating your skin.
  • Not drinking enough water. Yes, there is a reason doctors and health specialists constantly repeat this!
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream Review
Benefits of the Magic Cream

Key benefits of the Magic Water Cream include:

  • Instant Hydration
  • Lightweight Texture
  • Fragrance-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Also, improves skin texture
  • Soothes redness
  • Lastly, Fresh, glassy skin finish
How To Sport The Difference Between Dry Skin And Dehydrated Skin Types?

These two skin types often need clarification and can lead to frustration when getting results from your products.

  1. Dry skin lacks in OIL. You can generally spot dry skin as the skin becomes flaky, rough, and even red. Check out the review of the original Charlotte TIlbury Magic Cream here.
  2. Dehydrated skin lacks in WATER. Dehydrated skin is generally something we feel before we see it. Dehydrated skin feels tight and dull and, over time, becomes marked with lines.
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream Review
My Review

I recently started using the magic water cream, and it is a great product! The cream has a perfect texture, bringing comfort to the skin without the greasy finish. Quick to absorb, the moisturizing cream helped smooth out my skin texture and restored moisture to deeper levels of my skin. I use this product daily under my makeup, creating a silky smooth base. I recommend this cream to people of all ages and skin types who are very sensitive and want to prevent and restore moisture levels. It is perfect for under makeup or alone for a dewy finish. The cream travel format comes in handy for on-the-go! I store mine in the fridge for a refreshing touch, perfect for those sleepy mornings.

Where To Buy It?

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream is available at:

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