Circcell Jacqueline’s Blend – Extraordinary Face Oil For Anti-Aging Review

Circcell Jacqueline’s Blend – Extraordinary Face Oil For Anti-Aging Review

Slowing time is now possible, at least in some kind of form. Look no further if you struggle to find products that adapt to your busy, daily lifestyle. Today I am trying out Jacqueline's blend. Circcell's oil collection comprises three blends, each for a specific skin concern.

Circcell Jacqueline's Blend - Extraordinary Face Oil For Anti-Aging Review

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Circcell was created by a skincare junkie that had just about enough of searching for clean options. Forever travelling, Maya needed products to adapt to her lifestyle. Years later and the brand does just that. The different ranges all revolve around mother nature's gifts: nature–clays, essential oils, herbal extracts and marine-based elements.

Circcell Jacqueline's Blend - Extraordinary Face Oil For Anti-Aging Review
Jacqueline's Blend

This fantastic face oil doesn't stop at simply hydrating and repairing your skin. This magical blend of botanical oils promises a natural, vegan and paraben-free formula. Created for all skin types besides oily ones.

Alongside its deeply hydrating action, it works with powerful anti-aging ingredients. This oil boosts collagen production and gives you firmer and tighter skin.

Quick and easy to use, massage five drops onto the face and smooth out with fingertips.

Tips: You can blend two face oils to form a multi-action skincare routine. If not for a natural dewy look, add 1-2 drops to the skin. This oil is also a great overnight mask!

Circcell Jacqueline's Blend - Extraordinary Face Oil For Anti-Aging
What's Inside?

Let's look at what oils Circcell used to achieve their anti-ageing results.

  • Rose essential oils: Acting as a healing agent. The rose oils help reduce redness and protect your skin. Used regularly, they leave your skin with a youthful glow.
  • Jasmine essential oils: one of the more gentle oils. Jasmine oil helps calm and nourish dryer skin types. This formula helps prevent dark spots and irregular skin tones.
  • Vitamin C: Largely used in the cosmetic industry, this potent vitamin doubles as an excellent antioxidant. Protecting your skin daily reduces wrinkles over time by boosting collagen production.
  • Fermented olive oil: Deeply hydrating, the fermented oil forms a protective barrier on your skin. Why fermented? Well, it is said that these oils are better accepted by acne-prone skin and help preserve paraben-free products longer.
Circcell Face Oil Review
My Review

Oil is not generally a product I use in my skincare routine. Why? Like most of you, I had some “bad” experiences and didn't bother to learn how to use them. So here I am, trying out Circcell Jacqueline's Blend. First of all, let's talk about texture. The oil is preserved in a glass bottle with a pipette top. Easy to use, this helps dose the right amount of product. The oil has a smooth, fluid texture that the skin rapidly drinks up. With a very soft fragrance, the product is not the best smelling but worth the sacrifice. After using the oil for two months, I noticed my skin was getting softer daily. The few lines on my forehead had been reduced, and my skin looked healthy. The oil is perfect to use under makeup, leaving no greasy layer. This is excellent face oil.

I recommend this to people who want to prevent ageing and reduce tired, uneven skin.

Another favourite from the brand I recently reviewed is Fruition Brightening & Polishing Mask, linked here.

Where To Buy It?

Circcell Jacqueline's Blend – Extraordinary Face Oil For Anti-Aging is available at:

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