Circcell Lucent – Dramatic Brightening Potion Review

Circcell Lucent – Dramatic Brightening Potion Review

The ultimate dark spot & brightening treatment

Circcell skincare is here to transform your worst skin moments into a miracle radiant and awake complexion. Using a combination of pioneering skincare technologies, the brand offers an instant skin boost with its skin-transformative treatments.

The Lucent Skin Brightening Potion

Circcell Lucent - Dramatic Brightening Potion Review

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If your skin is looking and feeling tired, then I have just what you need! The skin brightening lotion is a daily treatment that helps brighten your complexion while targeting dark spots. Circcell has infused this lightweight treatment with seven proven lightening ingredients. The lotion is Weightless on the skin, complementing your skincare routine and under makeup. The lotion works by reducing signs of aging and environmental damage as the days go by. Alongside the skin brightening action, Circcell Lucent corrects and perfects your skin tone for a silky smooth finish.

Circcell Lucent - Dramatic Brightening Potion Review

For Who?

The brightening potion is suitable for all skin types, specifically those that present dark spots or scarring pigmentations. The formula uses a safe and natural Tyrosinase inhibitor to reduce the production of tyrosinase.
The formula is vegan, phthalates, and paraben-free and made in America.

What's Inside?

Inside the brightening lotion is an exclusive and innovative Circcell formula: The Illumine 7TM. Made from a unique blend of seven ingredients that prevent and reduce dark spots, this active slowly fades skin pigmentation.
The brand also includes deeply nourishing Amino acids to keep your skin happy and healthy.

Why Do I Have Dark Spots On My Skin?

Dark spots and pigmentations appear when melanin is overproduced within the skin. Although dark spots appear on the skin for many reasons, the most common causes are aging, non-protected sun exposition, and hormonal imbalances.

Circcell Lucent Review

My Review

After recently discovering a dark spot on my face, I knew I had to take action to prevent more from appearing. Easy to use, Circcell Lucent can be applied twice daily on specific zones or all over. I love the texture of this product, as it doesn't feel like I am adding another layer.

I saw an improvement in my dark spot in three weeks of use, and my previous acne scarring faded by using the lotion. Overall, I recommend this product for those wanting to prevent and softly correct their pigmentations. Although it didn't completely erase my pigmentations, my skin looks much more unified and smooth. The lotion helped even my overall skin tone, and I now have a gorgeous glowy light to my complexion!

For the eye area, my go-to is Circcell ABO +|- Eye Serum. (review here)

The Importance Of Adding Sunscreen To Your Skincare Routine

If you want to prevent your skin from accelerated aging, the best way to do this is by protecting it from the sun. Adding a sunscreen or SPF-based product to your routine gives your skin that extra shield to stay healthy and youthful.

Where To Buy It?

Circcell Lucent is available at:

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