Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, Pregnancy Moisturizer Review

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, Pregnancy Moisturizer Review

What it claims: Clarins claim it as the No 1 selling body oil with 100% pure plant extracts, helps firm, tone, and improve elasticity, smoothing the appearance of stretch marks, leaves the skin soft and supple. And it is preservative-free.

How it looks: It is light yellow in color and consistency is of thick oil.

The time period I used it before writing this review: 2 months

Ingredients: Field mint, Geranium, Hazelnut, Rosemary, Hazelnut oil(as per the Clarins website)

Packaging: 100ml glass bottle, bottle quality is nice and sturdy. 100ml is the only size it is available in i believe.

Fragrance: It has the natural fragrance of all the plants it is extracted from, i really liked the mint kind of fragrance and developed a nice sense of well-being.


My Review: I was thinking to buy this product for a long time as it is good to firm up the skin but finally I purchased it in my 3rd month of pregnancy, although it is expensive, 100ml for $58. The smell of the oil is really very nice, I know the senses are very sensitive at this time in pregnancy and can initiate headaches also, but to me, I really liked it. On the first day, I tried it after the bath when my body was still damp, the same is also suggested on the product cover. I stressed it more on my tummy as it was really itchy and couldn't control and my hand went there scratching and rubbing it.

I felt nice the first day. Afternoon, my scratchy-scratchy routine starts but it was different this day. I was happy and kept the same routine every day, although I didn't apply to my damp body every day even when my body was dry. Also, I applied it once a day, but it can be applied multiple times for which the need not arised.  As my bottle was approaching half, and it is expensive too, I concentrated more on my tummy and thighs and started to look for other options that are safe and not very expensive.

Overall, I just loved this product, my skin felt really soft, supple, and moisturized for a long time. It never felt greasy or oily, just the right consistency to be absorbed by the skin that is stretching and fragile. I will definitely recommend it.

Hopefully, I will think of buying my second bottle soon, I wish it was not too expensive but good things come with a price. 😉

I will be writing a review on my next pregnancy moisturizer soon.

Where To Buy Clarins Products?

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