Decorte Limited Edition AQ Meliority Luxurious Coffret

Decorte Limited Edition AQ Meliority Luxurious Coffret

Decorte AQ Meliority range is inspired by the regenerative properties of medicines for the process of cell renewal. The range focuses to awaken the skin’s abilities to self-regenerate and recapture youth.

Decorte Limited Edition AQ Meliority Luxurious Coffret review new limited edition
Key Ingredients

AQ Meliority range has a unique beauty complex. It comprises six key ingredients which I have explained below:

Benifuki (green tea) extract combats the oxidative stress in the skin. The extract helps to maintain an environment that accelerates the skin’s ability to self-regenerate.

Murasaki-cha (tea leaf) extract prevents cell damage and fights free radicals. In addition, this unique leaf also helps deliver strong antioxidants into the skin.

White Birch Water and White Mucuna Extract is rich in amino acids and minerals that are essential for cell growth. It increases the amount of creatine delivered to the cells. As a result, the skin’s response to healing signals is optimized and thus improves circulation and fairness.

Black Soy Nectar contains an abundance of estrogen-like properties that stimulate collagen production and prevent thinning of the skin.

Lastly, the AQ Meliority uses two peptides – PPP-4 (palmitoyl pentapeptide-4) and CTP (collagen tripeptide). They help to further repair skin damage by stimulating fibroblasts to accelerate collagen production.

Decorte Limited Edition AQ Meliority Luxurious Coffret review new limited edition

The formulation is done as such that the ingredients are more effective. Also, that allows the skin to absorb its benefits. Decorte uses its patented capsule technology known as ‘high oleic delaysomes’, which contain oleic acid oil. This loosens the skin’s phospholipids and helps to soften the skin. After that, the AQ Meliority’s exclusive ingredients penetrate deeply and overlap the skin like a membrane.

The AQ Meliority range is specially formulated with the top notes of Wintersweet. It is then followed by a green, woody base that offers a relaxing effect.

The Coffret

Decorte Limited Edition AQ Meliority Luxurious Coffret is a limited-edition collection with full-size bottles of the top-selling Emulsion and Lotion. In addition, there are the introductory sizes of the new AQ Meliority skincare products. The range is made in Japan.

Decorte Limited Edition AQ Meliority Luxurious Coffret review new limited edition
The limited nine-piece set
  • Full-Size AQ Meliority Emulsion (7 oz.) It is a luxe, serum-like emulsion. It utilizes two delivery capsule technologies to flood skin with moisture and highly concentrated plant actives. In an instant, even dry, depleted skins feel soft and smooth.
  • Full-Size AQ Meliority Lotion (6.7 oz.) – It is a silky essence-lotion. It utilizes two delivery capsule technologies to help lock hydration deep within the skin's surface
  • Deluxe size AQ Meliority Cleansing Cream (1 oz.) – It is a souffle-like cleansing cream. It melts onto the skin, then subtly changes texture to indicate makeup and impurities have been thoroughly dissolved.
  • Deluxe size AQ Meliority Foaming Wash (1.3 oz.) – It is a silky, serum-like cleansing liquid. It instantly transformed by water, building into a cushion of velvety foam that gently lifts debris.
  • Trial size AQ Meliority Face Cream (0.085 oz.) – This cream melts to a serum-like texture. It absorbs so completely it seems to merge with the skin's surface. After that, it transforms into a protective veil that noticeably firms and lifts.
  • Trial size AQ Meliority Eye Cream (0.067 oz.) – This velvety cream firm eye area. It smooths lines and helps seal in plumping moisture.
  • Deluxe size AQ Meliority Day Serum (0.17 oz.) – This serum helps protect against skin-ageing with powerful antioxidants and barrier-building emollients.
  • Deluxe size AQ Meliority Night Serum (0.17 oz.) – This serum works to repair cumulative damage. It helps focus the skin's energies on renewal.

I am so excited to use this range more and share more with you. In conclusion, my first impressions are a very positive, very high-performing luxurious skincare range that delivers.

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