Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask Review

Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask Review

Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask is the newest mask in my skincare arsenal. I have combination skin and my acne started ages ago. Struggling with breakouts on and off for over 20 years now, I still get an occasional visit from my old friends. That is usually when I am under stress or the routine has been very busy and impacts my workout and eating habits or lastly, during that time of the month. I always look out for masks and treatments that not only work for the whole face but are effective even as a spot treatment.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask Review

Dr. Barbara Sturm is adored by the skin-savvy for her incredible formulations jam-packed with hardworking antioxidants and designed around her innovative treatments. Clarifying Mask is the first product that I have tried from Dr. Barbara Sturm's skincare range.

Key Ingredients

Below are the key ingredients in Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask:

  • Balloon Vine, Viper’s Bugloss and Sunflower Seed Oil – they improve the skin’s moisture barrier properties
  • Kaolin Clay – they absorb excess sebum and mattify the complexion
  • Zinc – it counteracts the formation of blemishes
  • Purslane – it provides a soothing and calming effect
Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask Review
My Review

Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask is a creamy white mask that spreads nicely on the skin. I apply it to cleansed skin. And keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes when using it on the whole face. I would not say it dries and is crusty like a typical clay mask but it stays soft even when absorbed. Then, I gently massage with lukewarm water and it turns the water milky before it gets off the skin. I feel my skin is instantly mattified and clear. My skin does not feel stretched or dry or uncomfortable but is calm and matte. It is hydrated and clear. The pores on my skin look refined. Moreover, I have noticed my skin to be producing less oil resulting in fewer breakouts. Overall, I have not experienced any breakouts since including this mask in my weekly routine.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask Review

Sometimes I just go ahead and use this mask when my skin feels congested. Other times, I keep it in my weekly ritual to deep cleanse. On the days I feel like a pimple is on the way, Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask also works as a spot treatment. It reduces the time it takes for the pimple to heal. The way it hydrates and treats the skin while calming it is amazing. And sometimes, I just use it on the areas I usually get breakouts along with other masks, like a multi-masking routine.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask Review
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