Inlight Beauty Bodycare Review & Routine

Inlight Beauty Bodycare Review & Routine

Ok, it is time, to be honest. Do you hydrate your body as much as your face? If the answer is no, here are my reasons to start.

Inlight Beauty Review

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Skincare For The Neck And Body?

If you don't already have a neck cream/ serum, then now is the time to purchase one. We all want to look young & healthy for the longest time possible. And this starts by looking after the zones often overseen, such as the eyes, neck, hands, and feet.

The skin around the neck and decollete has fewer sebaceous glands to secrete oil and is thinner than the other body parts. That is why keeping it well hydrated and protected is the key to firm and smooth skin. Good hydration and protection from UV rays ensure you prevent premature signs of ageing.

Inlight Beauty Neck Firming Serum
Inlight Beauty Neck Firming Serum Review

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This highly concentrated botanical serum from Inlight is key to a youthful appearance. Helping to firm, smooth and tone skin around the neck and décolleté, it is fast-absorbing and protective. Applying the serum releases beautiful fresh notes of juniper and cypress. The formula is enriched with Cacay oil, which contains natural retinol, vitamin E, and grapeseed oil, a powerful antioxidant. The serum's dry oil formula stimulates elastin and collagen. It helps to keep your chest firm throughout time.

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Inside this delightful oil serum is a 100% organic formula are three-star ingredients.

  • Cacao oil: Helps protect and trap moisture in the skin.
  • Green coffee: Skin-replenishing and keeps the skin looking young.
  • Camu camu: Antioxidant that protects from UV damage.

The serum uses the Bio Lipophilic Matrix® technology to energize its formula's natural abilities. Exclusive to the brand, the matrix is present inside all Inlight's products.

Inlight Beauty Firming And Toning Body Oil
Inlight Beauty Firming And Toning Body Oil Review

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Helping to tone, boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Suitable for all skin types, the silky oil relieves the heavy, sometimes painful zones and leaves a gentle scent of ylang-ylang and geranium. This body oil is highly concentrated in active plant oils. The oils inside have proven results on concerns such as water retention and breaking down fat deposits.

My Experience

I have used Inlight body products for a while now. These oils have helped keep my neck, legs and hands looking great. They have gorgeous scents and silky textures that are not greasy and penetrate quickly into the skin. Apply the oils after a shower and massage the zones to activate the ingredients. I love the relief the body oil brings to my legs after a day at work. Use a few drops at least once daily, and you won't regret it.

Inlight Beauty Review

I have also been doing an upwards massage to help drain and boost blood circulation when using the neck serum.

One of the main reasons I use Inlight for my body care is that their products are 100% organic. The products are reliable and offer great results! Using cleaner formulas has changed my life in so many ways.

Where To Buy It?

Inlight Beauty is available at:

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