Here Is Why I Like Knesko Face Masks

Here Is Why I Like Knesko Face Masks

As face mask specialists, Knesko base their products on science and spirituality. The brand was founded by a Reiki master and contained powerful gemstones and minerals to rejuvenate the skin and liberate your chakras. Inside their magical formula lays the exclusive GEMCLINICAL® technology. Knesko has an extensive range of facial, eyes, lips and neck masks. Your skin has never looked so good with all serum-infused natural collagen gel masks, gemstones, and 100% biodegradable.

Knesko Face Masks Review

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The Mask Selection

Knesko has a relatively large range of collagen-based face masks.

Knesko Face Masks Review
Knesko Face Masks Review

Suitable for different skin types, each mask has its specific action.

  • Amethyst Hydrate Face Mask: Enriched with Amethyst, this mask hydrates, nourishes, and restores skin. Results in supple, smoother, rejuvenated skin.
  • Diamond Radiance Collagen Face Mask: Enriched with actual diamonds, this mask brightens, energizes, and boosts radiance. Leaving you with reduced dark spots and no more dull skin.
  • Nano Gold Repair Collagen Face Mask: The gold-infused mask targets signs of ageing by boosting firmness, lifting the skin and hydrating the deeper layers.
  • Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collagen Face Mask: This pink beauty is rich in antioxidant actives. Helping calm, soothe, and restore your skin to its best condition is ideal for brightening, healing and bringing a glow.
  • Black Pearl Detox Collagen Face Mask: Enriched with bamboo charcoal, this mask is the reset button you need. Helping purify, balance and clear your skin.
Why Knesko Masks?

If you are wondering what makes Kneskos masks so unique, here is why they stand out from the crowd.

All of their mask formulas contain the gem clinical technology. What does this mean?

It means that each mask has selected gemstones and minerals inside. Chosen for their cosmetic and spiritual talents, they take your skincare to a deeper, personal level. The natural masks are charged with Reiki energy, meaning your well-being is improved inside and out.

Knesko Face Masks Review

Skincare that fits you.

Knesko face masks are great and easy skincare treatments and can be used together without any problems. This is ideal if you have a combination skin type.

Knesko Face Masks Review
My Review

These masks have been at the top of my list, from the packaging to the product's texture. I tried out a couple of them, and my favourite is the Amethyst hydrating mask. Once a week, I indulge my skin with this deeply hydrating mask. I have fallen in love with how simple they are to apply and remove. My skin is way softer and brighter since I started using it. It brings immediate comfort and a relaxing sense. Ideal for all skin types, this mask is a MUST for healthy skin.

Knesko Face Masks Review
Knesko Face Masks Review
Tips & Tricks

To get the most out of your mask, try this.

  • Combine your mask with a serum. Apply it before the mask for a more profound treatment.
  • You can apply a warm towel on your skin before the mask. This opens your pores, ready for the treatment.
  • Store your mask in the fridge if you have recess or discomfort. It brings an extra soothing feeling.

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Where To Buy It?

Knesko Face Masks are available at:

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