Bodycare Routine ft Kopari Beauty

Bodycare Routine ft Kopari Beauty

Winter rescue Bodycare routine

The cold is here, and it is time to reveal my all-time favourites to keep my skin healthy, glowing and comfortable during winter. Kopari's body care range is dangerously addictive with its beautiful scents and textures, so let's dive in!

I use this skincare routine during winter as my skin becomes dryer and sensitive with the lower temperatures. Here is my step-by-step guide on how to look glamorous year-round.

Kopari Beauty - Bodycare Review & Routine

Cleansing your skin helps eliminate any build-ups of dirt or pollution that can lead to pore-clogging and dull skin. Most people oversee this step thinking it isn't necessary, but cleansing your skin correctly is the key to good hygiene and exceptional results with your products.

Kopari Beauty - Bodycare Review & Routine

Kopari Coconut Hydrating Body Wash has aloe and sea kelp formulas have the boost you need if you need a moisture boost. Creating a rich foam, this body gives an instant feeling of comfort. It is also available in 3 delicious scents.


Lychee Clean Vitamin C Foaming Body Wash is a gentle body wash enriched with everything from Vitamin C and avocado oil to hibiscus seed and coconut oil. This lightweight foam captures all impurities whilst restoring moisture and boosting your skin. What I love about this cleanser is how much goodness is packed inside.

Fun fact: Did you know a lychee contains more Vitamin C than an orange?

Kopari Beauty - Bodycare Routine & Review

Now that you are all fresh, it is time to smooth out your skin and boost your glow. Exfoliating the skin helps eliminate dead skin cells from the skin's surface. As our skin is endlessly renewing itself, it is not rare to see a build-up of dead skin cells on the skin. What does this do? More than not, nothing nasty. But it can also lead to dull, tired-looking skin, flakiness and even blackheads. Yes, you heard right. Blackheads are caused by the skin's pores blocking. Exfoliating your skin leaves your pores free and skin smooth. I love to use the Kopari Crush Scrub and recommend it to all sweet-scented lovers. The exfoliant is made up of crushed coconut shells and brown sugar. Also, this exfoliant will brighten your days by helping smooth out the skin and promote blood circulation.

Kopari Beauty - Bodycare Review

It's time to dry off and restore our skin to its hydrated, nourished, healthy ways. Cool temperatures can be harsh on some skin types, so keeping your water levels up and your skin nourished will save you from any unpleasant sensations. Applying milk or butter after you shower is also the key to clear, glowing skin.

For normal skin types: “Guava Hydrating Body Milk

Kopari Guava body milk helps restore your moisture levels whilst giving you a burst of summer goodness with its tropical scent. Moreover, the lotion is enriched with shea butter and chamomile, which deeply nourish your skin without leaving a greasy layer behind.

For dryer skin types:Kopari Ultra Restore Body Butter with Hyaluronic Acid.”

If you have dryer skin, then you should give “butter” textures a try. Richer in oil-based ingredients, they help rebalance your skin and ease discomfort. The restored body butter is enriched in hyaluronic acid, which helps lock in moisture.

Lastly, don't forget your SPF for your body and face, whether it is winter or summer. Here are the ones I like from Kopari.

Where To Buy It?

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