La Prairie Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait Review

La Prairie Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait Review

The Swiss brand La Prairie is internationally known for its pure and potent formulations. Forever innovating, the brand claimed a new identity in 2022 by changing the house logo. Talking of new identities, they just released their latest addition to the Caviar collection, the “Caviar harmony extract”. Renewing your cells at the deepest level, this one-of-a-kind elixir restores the harmony of youth.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Harmony L'Extrait Review
The Skin Caviar Collection

The skin caviar collection is one of the star ranges of La Prairie. Last updated in 2020, the brand reimagined the caviar lift serum. Are you wondering what is so special about this range? Then keep reading.

Drawn from the depths of the Swiss waters, the caviar extract has been evolving for over 35 years. In the newest addition, the caviar's benefits are magnified and pushed to deliver outstanding results. The collection's range of products works harmoniously to restore and boost skin elasticity, firmness and tone. Also, the facial structure is rebuilt, and the youth returns.

The Skin Caviar Harmony L'Extrait
La Prairie Skin Caviar Harmony L'Extrait Review

La Prairie released their most robust version of caviar extract, and it has exceeded the previous results from the collection. Ranging at 820$, this pure extract is a full-on resculpting treatment.

The brand recently discovered the key to skin youth: the vertical pillars. Acting as anchors, they hold the skin in place. As time goes by, they get weaker, and the skin begins to drop and loosen with gravity force. The Caviar harmony extract works by re-strengthening and re-densifying the skin ligaments. Using a blend of caviar components in a micro-fluidic formulation, they restore the skin to its original condition.

Incredibly luxurious, the harmonious formula is delivered by the pipette top. A glass bottle protects the intense formula. This keeps your product clean and allows you to correctly dose the required quantity.

The caviar harmony extract should be used morning and evening and massaged in circular motions onto the face. When applied, it transforms into a gel which leaves a satin finish.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Harmony L'Extrait Review

A few of the benefits of using La Prairie Skin Caviar Harmony L'Extrait are:

  • Visibly strengthens skin: The skin gains elasticity and firmness.
  • Also, it restructures the facial contours.
  • Delivering an immediate and Long term lift. Re-toned and smoother.
  • It restores the profound substance of the skin. This results in more volume and firmness.
  • Lastly, it erases the signs of time: lines and wrinkles.
La Prairie Skin Caviar Harmony L'Extrait Review
My Review

Having previously tried the Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, I was excited to discover the brand-new extract. My first thought was, “wow, this is pricy”, but there is no price when it comes to quality. The extract is beautiful. The lightweight texture melts into the skin in seconds. I loved the sensation of the product as it gives an instant feeling of comfort and hydration. Over a couple of days, I could rapidly see my skin improving. How?

My skin was much brighter and softer, and my fine lines and wrinkles slowly faded. I could not believe it! In its purest form, caviar has exceptional powers and 100% delivers results. Also, I am a massive fan of the pipette system. At this price, every drop counts.

For moisturizing my skin during the fall as well as winter, I love following up with the new Pure Gold Radiance Cream from the brand.

Where To Buy It?

La Prairie Skin Caviar Harmony L'Extrait is available at:

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