Beauty Heroes Discovery September 2023 Featuring Lilfox – Review

Beauty Heroes Discovery September 2023 Featuring Lilfox – Review

Celebrating nine years of clean beauty with the September Discovery “Beauty Heroes Box” featuring the exclusive launch of NEW Lilfox

The Beauty Heroes box is back for another show-stopping edition in the September discovery box. The brand themselves are celebrating nine years of delivering healthy beauty products. So for this extra special anniversary edition, they have partnered with LILFOX to bring you not one but two new products!

Beauty Heroes Discovery September 2023 Featuring Lilfox - Review

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The Beauty Heroes box is also celebrating its 6th partnership with LILFOX skincare, and what better way to do that than exclusively featuring the brand's newly launched products: the Flower Goo and Succulent Pudding? The September Discovery has a value of $280, so get ready to be blown away!

Beauty Heroes Discovery Featuring Lilfox Review
First Up, Who Are Lilifox?

Take your skin on the adventure of a lifetime with Lilifox's highly-effective and cutting-edge skincare products. Created by Alexis Rose, originally an aromatherapist, Lilifox skincare offers an extensive range of clean and botanical-based collections that take skincare to the next level.

Lilfox skincare Review

Not only do they provide fantastic skin results, but they also push your sensory experience to its highest. Instantly boosting mood and energy levels through smell and texture, their products range from exotic body butter, and saturating soaks to enchanting emulsions and succulent skincare.

Lilfox – The Flower Goo | Botanic Ferment Stem Cell Serum
Lilfox The Flower Goo Serum Review

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Don't let the name fool you; this serum means business achieving skin-perfecting results! The flower goo serum uses a sophisticated biotechnology formula rich in botanical actives to resurface and refine the skin overnight. Combined with its unforgettable aroma, the serum instantly improves the mood while boosting the glow and smoothness of the skin.
Inside this lightweight serum lies a double dose of concentrated cell-communicating mountain rose and crocus flower stem cells. Giving the name to the product, these actives are known to reduce water loss and support collagen and elastin production incredibly. Over time, this results in a more substantial skin barrier. The double dose is paired with fermented polypeptides, licorice roots, and hyaluronic acid that work together to reduce hyperpigmentation and brighten, and hydrate the skin.

Lilfox The Flower Goo Serum Review

My Review

After trying LILFOX skincare, their products may be the most indulgent around! I love the texture and scents they added to this serum; it has become one of my favourite times of the day. I saw the results from the first application; my skin looks brighter and smoother. Also, this serum helped to soften my skin and reduce uneven skin tone.

Lilfox – The Succulent Pudding | Oceanic Peptide Super Calm Emulsion
Lilfox The Succulent Pudding Emulsion Review

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It's time to dive into the Oceanic peptide emulsion! Becoming one of the brand's bestsellers instantly after its recent launch, the Succulent Pudding infuses the skin with deep moisture and cell-communicating peptides. Highly concentrated, the light and fluffy emulsion leaves your skin feeling bouncy with a semi-matte look.

Product to calm irritated skin

Hidden inside its extremely luxurious texture is a list of cutting-edge actives found by the LILFOX chemists.

  • The TRPV1 inhibitor from Sea anemone: Using the protein found in the stinging venom and combining it with a bioavailable penta-peptide has proven to reduce sensitivity and soothe skin irritations.
  • Marshmallow root and hyaluronic acid help plump the skin cells from the inside out and restore moisture.
  • Fermented oats, kombucha, and minerals soothe and resurface the skin.
  • Seven adaptogenic succulent extracts help support skin resilience against UV damage.
Lilfox The Succulent Pudding Emulsion Review

My Review

I have never seen a cream like it. Everything about the NEW succulent pudding emulsion is perfection, from the silky smooth texture to the deeply moisturizing sensation. My skin has never looked so healthy! I recommend this cream for daily use to keep youthful and hydrated skin.

Also, check out the previous month's discovery here. The neck serum from Inlight Beauty is my current favourite.

Where To Buy It?

Beauty Heroes Discovery September 2023 Featuring Lilfox as well as Lilfox products are available at:

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