MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Mask Review

MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Mask Review

MZskin released their AHA-based, clarifying face mask, designed to improve acne-prone skin. The deeply exfoliating cream mask instantly brightens dull, tired skin and softens the skin's texture. The skin's natural cell turnover is stimulated by the fruit acid complex, which, over time, helps to refine pores and eliminate pigmentation.

MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Mask Review
What is the difference between BHA and AHA?

Most exfoliating products on the market now contain either AHA's or BHA's. But do you know the difference and which one you should be using?

  • AHA: glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, and lactic acid.

All AHA's are of natural origin and are gentle enough to be used on the skin. The correct skin conditions include acne, scarring, pigmentations, melasma, etc. Do any of these ring a bell?

  • BHA: salicylic acid, beta-hydroxybutanoic acid, tropic acid, trethocanic acid.

These acids are generally found in anti-ageing products as they target the skin's texture, erasing fine lines, wrinkles and scarring from acne.

MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Mask
The Mask Benefits

MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Mask has below key ingredients:

  • Deeply exfoliate and stimulate cell turnover.
  • Eliminate pigmented cells, and brighten the complexion.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Refine pores and reduces imperfections.
  • Leaves the skin luminous.
How To Use It?

This facial mask can be used 1-2 times a week and should be left on the skin for 5- 15 minutes. After this, you can rinse the skin and continue with your routine.

Psst: The mask replaces your exfoliator, so there is no need to use both of them. This can have the opposite effect on the skin and cause discomfort or dryness.

MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Mask Review
My Review

It seems that AHA'a is taking over the skincare game. After seeing multiple people using this mask, I decided to check out what all the fuss was about.

The facial cream mask is quick and easy to apply. It has a gentle fragrance gave me great results from the first application.

My skin texture has never been perfect, and I often suffer from clogged pores. MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Mask makes my skin look amazing. I feel so much more confident as my skin looks smoother. Using a mask exfoliator is more effective than a regular grain one. I will continue to use this in my daily routine. Thanks, MZskin.

Where To Buy It?

MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Mask is available at:

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