My “Necessaire” Hand Care Routine

My “Necessaire” Hand Care Routine

Like our face, the body needs extra care to keep it healthy and moisturized. Our hands are one of the most exposed zones on our skin, and we have to fight daily aggression. It's no wonder they are one of the first signs of aging!

Necessaire" Hand care routine and hand cream review

To keep my hands comfortable and looking young, I use the hand Duo from Necessaire.

Necessaire Day Hand Cream

The hand cream is perfect for your daily needs, helping to restore and maintain a healthy skin barrier. This hand cream is super nourishing and protective and infused with five ceramides, five peptides, niacinamide, and marula butter/marula oil. The hand cream can be applied as often as desired and slowly reverses dryness by treating moisture loss. The fast-absorbing cream texture makes it enjoyable and keeps your hands youthful.

My Review

I love to use this hand cream daily and often pop it into my bag. It has worked wonders on my brittle cuticles and reduced my hands' marked look. The texture is light and leaves a non-greasy finish to the hands. One thing that may surprise you is the cream is Fragrance-Free!

Necessaire Night Hand Cream

Necessaire" Hand care routine and hand cream review

The night hand cream is a serum-infused skin repair treatment. The serum-in-balm is highly concentrated in 0.25% Pure Retinol, 5% AHA, and Peptides with a richer texture than the day cream. This powerful anti-aging trio works wonders on improving and preventing wrinkles and dark spots. It is perfect to slip onto your bedside table to use only for an evening. 

My Review

The second step to my hand care routine is this silky smooth balm. I love how it instantly nourishes my skin, and I have noticed a significant change in my appearance. My skin is much softer and brighter thanks to the gentle renewing actions of Retinol.

For Who?

This hand duo is perfect for those who want to prevent and correct signs of aging on their hands. The day cream protects and perfects, while the night cream renews and corrects. You can use them alone, but I highly recommend getting the duo!

Where To Buy It?

Necessaire hand creams are available at:

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