Omorovicza Budapest Bath Oil Review

Omorovicza Budapest Bath Oil Review

In my previous article about the Bagatelle fragrance (review here), I mentioned the healing power of the Budapest baths. This made me curious to try out the brand's bath oil. Travelling to Budapest for a bath didn't seem reasonable, so I brought the tub home.

Omorovicza Budapest Bath Oil Review

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The Budapest Bath Oil

Add a few drops of this silky oil to your bath for an at-home curative ritual. Inspired by the Hungarian thermal baths, this luxuriously smooth oil restores moisture and skin suppleness whilst enveloping you in a steam of aromatic essential oils: rosemary, sage, geranium and chamomile. You can add this bath oil to your routine for calm, soothing comfort for both body and mind.

The Benefits

Below are the key benefits if Omorovicza Budapest Bath Oil:

  • Instantly soothing
  • Deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • Softer skin
  • Relieves tension and toxins
  • Regain a youthful vitality
Omorovicza Budapest Bath Oil Review
What's Inside?

This oil is not just going to make your bath routine smell divine, but it is also enriched in potent actives.

The exclusive Healing Concentrate™ from Omorovicza adds youthful vitality to your skin through a mineral elixir. Helping to boost collagen and elasticity production, it reduces cellular inflammation and strengthens the skin's barrier function.

  • Sage oil: Lifts the spirit and frees the mind
  • Geranium oil: Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Chamomile oil: A well-known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
  • Rosemary oil: Detoxifies whilst adding a healthy glow to your skin
Omorovicza Budapest Bath Oil Review
My Review

If you plan on heading to Budapest, check out the Omorovicza thermal baths. The spa is internationally known for delivering top-end treatments using ancient traditions from Hungary.

But until then, you can get your hands on one of the best bath oils. I recently tried the Budapest bath oil, and I can not have a bath without it since. Everything about it makes you feel great. The scent takes your mind on a relaxing break whilst your skin soaks up all the skincare ingredients.

Since I use the bath oil, my skin is much softer and looks very healthy. I no longer suffer from dry patches on my skin and love how it leaves a protective layer. I 100% recommend getting this oil.

Where To Buy It?

Omorovicza Budapest Bath Oil is available at:

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