Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream Review

Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream Review

The healing properties of Hungary's hot springs were the inspiration for the establishment of Omorovicza. The company's inventor, Stephen De Heinrich de Omorovicza, intended to use water's medical properties to produce something that could convey minerals deep into the skin. They used research to produce the Healing Concentrate, which led to the brand's popularity.

Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream Review

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The Cushioning Day Cream

The best day cream to rejuvenate the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production.

Key ingredients

  • The Marine plankton extracts help in increasing the synthesis of elastin and collagen.
  • Two Microalgae cushions protect against signs of ageing and improve the quality of the natural barrier of the skin.
  • Healing concentrate makes skin look younger and firmer.
Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream Review


Below are the key benefits of Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream:

  • Lightweight texture.
  • Deep hydration.
  • Suitable for all types of skin.
  • Firms up the skin.
  • Makes skin smoother and plumper.
  • Protect against environmental aggressors.
Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream Review
My Experience

I have a combination type of skin so it is tricky for me to find a good moisturizer for the day as some are too thick and some are too lightweight. My skin gets dry in winters and oily in summers so I always have to switch to a different cream when the weather changes which is a hassle. Also, constant exposure to pollutants made my skin look dull and the texture was ruined as well. There were patches all over my face and the uneven tone made it worse.

Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream Texture

I started using Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream around a month ago but I saw the results within a week. It did not cause any breakout which my skin is very prone to and kept my skin moisturizer for the whole day. It has a lightweight consistency but great coverage so even a small amount of it can cover your whole face. My skin looked brighter and healthier after using it for a month. It does not have a very strong smell and does not leave any residue after applying. The patches were long gone, and my skin's texture improved as well. My skin felt smoother and looked plumper with its constant usage. For the days my skin is overly dry, I like using face oil at night.

Where To Buy It?

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