Orris Paris – Le Quartet Cleansing Bars Review

Orris Paris – Le Quartet Cleansing Bars Review

The word ‘ORRIS' comes from the fragrant rootstock of the Iris flower. The brand found its inspiration in the natural healing talents of nature. Crafted based on a long friendship and a passion for skincare, the Orris brand is taking soap bars to the next level. The brand sought inspiration from some of the oldest holistic practices, such as herbalism, Ayurveda, and Japanese cleansing rituals. By enriching their products with potent botanical ingredients, the soap bars play with your senses, transforming your regular cleansing routine into a luxurious and sensory experience.

Orris Paris - Le Quartet Face and Body Collection Review

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Le Quartet Collection

The quartet collection is made up of 4 specific skin care soap bars. Made in the South of France using traditional cold press methods. The soap bars are all superfatted, which leaves the skin nourished by plant lipids. Thus, it is the key to their tremendous success.

Orris Paris - Le Quartet Face and Body Collection Review

Being the bestselling collection of the brand's Face and Body range must mean something. The brand has selected only the highest quality oils, butter, and botanical ingredients to craft these bars. Each cleansing bar has specific skincare benefits:

  • Action: Moisturizing and repairing.
  • For who: Ideal for normal to combination skin types.
  • Ingredients: St. John's Wort, Comfrey Leaf, Calendula Petals, Montmorillonite Clay.
  • Action: Purifying and antioxidant.
  • For who: Ideal for dehydrated as well as congested skin types.
  • Ingredients: Manjishta (Indian Madder), Raw Honey
Orris Paris - Le Quartet Face and Body Collection Review
  • Action: Antioxidant, calming, as well as nourishing
  • For who: Ideal for dull as well as dry skin types.
  • Ingredients: Turmeric, Sheep's Milk.
  • Action: Softening and enlightening.
  • For who: Ideal for sensitive as well as dull skin types.
  • Ingredients: Fermented Rice Water.
Orris Paris - Le Quartet Cleansing Bars Review
Orris Paris - Le Quartet Cleansing Bars Review
What's inside?

Making your cleansing experience as unique as your skin. Inside this selection box, you will receive 4 bars of cleansing soap. Above all, they are each composed of sustainably sourced and high-quality Oils and Butters. Let's take a closer look at the soap base:

  • Shea Butter – Moisture booster and long-lasting hydrator
  • Cocoa Butter – Rich in phytochemicals, it helps relieve chapped, dry skin.
  • Also, there is Coconut Oil – Anti-inflammatory and deeply nourishes dry skin
  • Olive Oil – Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds combat free radicals.
  • Lastly, Castor Oil – A potent moisturizing emollient that is naturally rich in ricinoleic acid, an antibacterial compound.
Orris Paris Cleansing Bars Review
My Review

I am a massive fan of all-in-one products! Doubling up a body and face soap, this cleansing bar is great for travel as well as for a quick cleansing routine in the shower.

Orris Paris - Le Quartet Cleansing Bars Review

The brand's effort to adapt each bar to the different skin types is fantastic. They left nobody out. Overall, I enjoyed every second of using the bar, from the rich foam to the gentle, sweet scent. My skin was left fresh and super soft. Finally, I will add this to my Christmas gift list, as it makes the perfect present!

Where To Buy It?

Orris Paris – Le Quartet Face and Body Collection is available at:

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