Osea V Cleanse Review

Osea V Cleanse Review

As a lover of the ocean, this brand hit hard on all my clean, sustainable beliefs. Using the sea and its plants to create an extensive range of products, Osea shares their belief that “the ocean should be part of everyone's life”.

Osea V Cleanse Review

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Osea V Cleanse

Feminine hygiene is something that has not been talked about enough. The delicate balance of mother nature is an art Osea has understood.

Today I am trying out the V cleanse intimate wash and sharing with you my whole experience.

Using a fragrance-free cleanser can help avoid those unpleasant moments in life. This is for you if you experience irritations, odours or imperfections. The v cleanser has a light and gentle formula designed to purify and refresh your intimate zones with kindness. Enriched with a prebiotic complex made from natural sugars, sucrose and maltose. The v cleanse is suitable for all skin types.

The cleanser is so gentle and respectful of your natural balance that it can also be used as a gentle face cleanser.

Osea V Cleanse
What is Prebiotics?

Put shortly; prebiotics are healthy bacteria that boost your natural microflora. Very well known to be used in digestive medicine, prebiotics can not be digested by the body. Prebiotics help you regain and maintain balance in the more intimate zones. Also, helping improve the skin's protective barrier can help calm problems such as dry skin and eczema.

Osea V Cleanse Review
My Review

Boy, oh boy, If only I had this earlier on in life. A woman's body is an ever-changing treasure. I know that getting to know her body is essential, whatever age a woman is. After using this cleanse for over two weeks, I can't see myself going on without it. The light, foaming texture helps eliminate any odours or discharge. Also, ideal for all ages, the cleanser immediately gave me a comfortable feeling in my pants. I tried this as a face wash, and it is excellent for normal to oily skin! My intimate pH was rebalanced, and any discomfort I had from time to time disappeared. Thank you, Osea!

In addition, I am currently enjoying the Anti-aging Body Balm from the brand.

Where To Buy It?

Osea V Cleanse is available at:

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