Priori Skincare Review

Priori Skincare Review

Originally an exclusively pro brand, limited to Dermatologists, Medical Spas and Spas, Priori skincare is now accessible from the comfort of your home. With around 100 years of experience in innovative complexes such as AHA's, LED devices, DNA Repair Enzymes and their newest addition Tetra, this skincare brand creates adaptive products with powerful ingredients. This means your skin gets what it needs when it needs it.

Priori Skincare Review

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They have 5 collections of skincare in total, all having unique actions. Let's take a quick look:

  • R. Spinasome® – Enriched in skin-changing antioxidants found in organic spinach leaves, this is an anti-aging line. It targets: Elasticity, moisturization, and brightness, and reduces fine lines/ wrinkles.
  • Core Formulas (LCA) – Enriched in lactic acid, Vitamins A, C, E and Pro-Vitamin A this is a daily protection line. Recovered, nourished and protected, it has everything your skin needs for a healthy, beaming glow.
  • Superceutical Formulas (Q+SOD + DNA) – This line is composed of intelligent products that help correct and protect skin at a cellular level. The Q+SOD complex is enriched in CoQ10, retinol and antioxidants that deeply correct the skin. The DNA complexes work by protecting against environmental stress and blue light. With regular use, the repair of the product damaged DNA within the skin.
  • Natureceuticals – Enriched in a TTC complex( three types of turmeric root) this is a line that covers everything. It has extraordinary antioxidant, anti-Inflammatory, and brightening properties. Skin is visibly soothed, brighter and healthy.
  • Tetra – The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) days are over with this innovative GPF Genetic Protection Factor. Offering not only protection from the sun but also pollution, stress, heat and blue light found in our everyday electronics.
My Review

I selected 3 of Priori's products in the Q+SOD collection to try since I am always searching for correcting ranges. For a more accurate result, I stayed in the same line. So let's get going:

Q+SOD Active Cleanser

A gentle but effective face cleanser that offers a deep cleansing and pore-reducing result. The foam is light and perfect for a daily face wash. Inside you have multiple ingredients that are antioxidant, exfoliating and bacteria controlling.

Priori Skincare Q+SOD Active Cleanser Review

I noticed my skin to be visibly smoother and brighter. The blackheads were reduced and my skin looked healthier overall. Moreover, my skin feels clean and fresh all day.

Q+SOD Brightening Serum

A concentrated face serum that corrects uneven skin tones and reduces/ prevents dark spots/ pigmentations. It has a silky smooth texture that spreads a long way. Inside is a cocktail of antioxidants, correcting enzymes, exfoliators, Retinol and skin listeners.

Priori Skincare Q+SOD Brightening Serum Review
Priori Skincare Q+SOD Brightening Serum Review

Psst: When using Retinol make sure to apply sunscreen and prefer nighttime applications.

My results include a reduction in acne scarring which was one of my main concerns. The problem areas including the pimples were soothed and recovered fast. Overall, I noticed a glow and supple skin.

Q+SOD Moisturizing Cream

This rich, yet light cream offers deep moisturization for a softer feeling of skin. Offering impressive radiance, it increases your natural glow. Enriched in lactic acid and retinol it renews and perfects your skin from the surface.

Priori Skincare Q+SOD Moisturizing Cream Review

This cream moisturized my skin very well without feeling heavy or greasy. It makes my skin soft and comfortable.

These products are a little pricey but they are well worth it. Giving quick and great results, Priori is a skincare success.

Where To Buy It?

Priori Skincare is available at:

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