Revive Masque De Glaise Purifying Clay Mask Review

Revive Masque De Glaise Purifying Clay Mask Review

Cleanse and soothe your skin with Kaolin clay

Do you need an excellent purifying mask but don't want the drying effect on your skin? I have found the perfect balance between cleansing and hydration.

Revive Masque De Glaise Purifying Clay Mask Review

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The Purifying Kaolin Clay Mask

Revive is back with yet another gem. Helping you to unclog and purify your skin in the gentlest of ways is the clay mask.

The silky Kaolin infused texture dries on the skin while absorbing excess oil. Soft on the skin but hard on impurities, it is the perfect way to rejuvenate and clarify your complexion.

The mask is infused with hydrating skincare actives that help soothe and prevent dryness. Your skin will be clear in no time!

ReVive Purifying Clay Mask Review
What's Inside?

-Features Purifying Complex: This natural blend of soothing actives delivers immediate and long-lasting relief to dry or red skin ( Bisabolol, Vitamin E, and Panthenol ).

-Kaolin Clay: Gentle on the skin, this natural clay purifies the skin without removing essential oils. Over time this clay helps to reduce shine and blackheads.

Why Choose Kaolin For Your Clay Mask?

Kaolin clay masks have long been known for their soft action o the skin. Ideal for all skin types, this natural clay helps purify while respecting your skin. The clay itself holds many virtues, such as its toning, acne-preventing, and brightening actions.

If it is your first time using a clay mask, Kaolin s the best option. Remember, your skin is all about balance, so using a product too harsh for your skin can have the opposite effect (create more sebum).

ReVive Purifying Clay Mask Review
My Experience

I have been using this mask for a while now and would never swap it for another. The purifying clay mask is an excellent option for sensitive skin types and helps me balance my skin. I use it once a week to eliminate the excess oils and impurities on my skin's surface. My skin looks smooth, and my pores are tighter than before. You can apply this mask locally on combination skin for pimples on the back or body. The mask dries quickly, so re-humidifying it helps for smooth removal. I enjoy alternating this mask or, some days, multi-masking – following up with the Brightening Moisture Mask. (Review here). The result is radiant and pure skin. And I make sure to use my favourite sunscreen after cleansing and moisturizing.

Where To Buy It?

Revive Masque De Glaise Purifying Clay Mask is available at:

Use code VELVETLIFE25 to get $25 off

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