ReVive Skincare Intensité Volumizing Serum Ultime Review

ReVive Skincare Intensité Volumizing Serum Ultime Review

If you’ve got skin that’s looking less voluminous than it once did, it might be time to reconsider your choice of serum. While my religious skincare regime usually helps keep lacklustre skin at bay, my skin is definitely becoming less firm as I age. I did some research and wanted to try the Revive Skincare Intensité Volumizing Serum Ultime, as it had amazing reviews.

The aim of this product is to instantly add more plumpness to the skin. It is a seriously luxurious-feeling serum (which I would hope for the eye-watering price), that promises to ‘fill’ any wrinkles. ReVive is a brand that was created by a plastic surgeon, so I had high hopes that this product would deliver its anti-ageing guarantee.

Where To Buy It?

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ReVive Skincare Intensité Volumizing Serum Ultime Review

The product contains bio-volumizing protein, which helps to improve skin density. Volumizing peptide complex, an amino acid and peptide combination, also gets to work on skin’s volume and texture. The luxe serum also contains ‘skin identical’ synergistic lipid concentrate. It is an ingredient that helps maintain a healthy skin barrier by mimicking its natural processes. In addition, there’s a skin-brightening antioxidant thrown into the mix. And that helps to brighten the complexion, as well as antioxidants that help to fight against any environmental damage.

This serum is the more intense ReVive Skincare Intensité Volumizing Serum version. It is a more targeted product that can be used on specific areas of the face – such as crow's feet lines, laughter lines, frown lines, etc. The texture is quite watery but not too thin that it slides off of the skin. It seems to sink into the skin well without feeling tacky. That is a good sign that the molecules within the product are small enough to penetrate the skin and have a lasting effect.

ReVive Skincare Intensité Volumizing Serum Ultime Review
Applying The Serum

Normally, I use a different serum in the morning and evening. In the morning, I will go for a serum that brightens, hydrates and protects my skin. That may be a quick dose of vitamin C or hyaluronic acid). In the evening, I will use my targeting treatments. To me, this is a treatment that I would use every night to maintain its results. Especially good for my dry skin, I find that applying a pea-sized amount onto cleansed, exfoliated skin is best. That is before following with my night cream. This product can be used in the morning, too, should you wish.

ReVive Skincare Intensité Volumizing Serum Ultime Review
My Thoughts On Intensité Volumizing Serum Ultime

I liked this product. It’s an expensive, luxurious product that has been formulated by a science-led brand – which justifies the price tag. I definitely felt a difference in the texture of my skin. After just one use, and over the past few weeks, I can tell that my lines seem less apparent. I also like that this product is packed with antioxidants. So I know it is working as a shield from anything in the environment that might mess with my skin’s equilibrium.

Where To Buy ReVive Skincare?

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