Shikohin Beauty Review

Shikohin Beauty Review

The brand was created by Takeshi Nobuhara whose purpose was to create a better life for everyone and provide relief from the troubles of the world. The brand is highly inspired by traditional Japanese culture, although the products are created with the help of Japanese, French & American influence.

By blending science with ancient wisdom, they have formulated products that help in balancing mental and physical relaxation to provide one with a peaceful experience. The products are infused with high-quality CBD that delivers calming effect as well as helps in healing.

Shikohin Beauty Review
Shikohin Beauty Review
The Revitalizing Body Scrub
Shikohin Revitalizing Body Scrub Review

Scrubbing is one of the efficient ways to purify one’s body. This scrub is enriched with ingredients like rice powder and hemp. The CBD Isolates are anti-inflammatory as well as have anti-ageing properties. Hemp exfoliator is an organic source of omega-fatty acids that calm the skin. In addition, Rice extracts have antioxidant properties and lighten the skin as well.

My Experience

I have used this product for a month now, twice a week and the results have just gotten better each time. Unlike some scrubs, it is not harsh on the skin and feels amazing. Since I started using it, my skin has had a subtle glow and feels smooth to touch. I love using it and would recommend it to anyone searching for a gentle yet effective body scrub. It also has natural oils that are beneficial for the skin.

Relax Onsen Bath Tablets
Shikohin Relax Onsen Bath Tablets Review

These mineral-rich tablets are the key to having an amazing and detoxifying bath experience. CBD isolates have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Magnesium sulphate helps in relieving pain and relaxing sore muscles. Also, Yuzu and Hiba provide a subtle citrus aroma to enlighten the senses.

My Experience

If you are a person who loves taking long, relaxing baths then these tablets will give you the most amazing experience. It replicates the traditional Onsen hot springs from Japan and works great to relieve muscle soreness. It makes the bath uplifting with a subtle aroma. I use the tablet whenever I take a bath and I feel very fresh after using it. It takes away all the tiredness from the day and detoxifies my body. Also, even after doing a workout, it works great for relaxation.

Natural Japanese Konjac Bath Sponge
Shikohin Natural Japanese Konjac Bath Sponge Review

It is curated from the fibres of the root of a vegetable known as mannan. Also, it consists of the Konjac flour which was originally a part of Japanese delicacy and used in vegetarian cuisines.

My Experience

This sponge from Shikohin Beauty is an amazing creation by Shikohin in every way. It has a great shape and can reach all parts of the body. The quality of the sponge is great and it works amazingly. It is not rough so I can use it on my kids as well. Overall, it is great if you want to exfoliate your body without using any chemicals as it takes out all the impurities effectively.

Where To Buy It?

Shikohin Beauty products are available at:

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