Shiseido Eudermine Activating Essence Review

Shiseido Eudermine Activating Essence Review

Double infuzed hyaluronic acid

There is one thing that links all skin types together, and that's hydration. Eudermine has released its most advanced essence yet, offering a massive boost in moisture to your skin.

Shiseido Eudermine Activating Essence Review
The Eudermine Activating Essence

This lightweight, ultra-hydrating formula is the perfect way to restore and maintain a healthy moisture level in the skin. Inspired by traditional Japanese skincare routines, it helps reduce pores, blemishes, and dullness, leaving you with glowing skin. With its active skin care ingredients, the essence brightens and evens your complexion whilst softening your face.

Shiseido Eudermine Activating Essence Review
What's inside?

The Eudermine Activating Essence has a rich formula full of powerful skincare ingredients:

  • Two types of Hyaluronic Acid offers 24-hour hydration. Locking moisture into the skin using two different hyaluronic molecules allows your skin to restore moisture and gain a plumped smooth appearance.
  • Vitamin C: This antioxidant is perfect for reducing dark spots. Day by day, your pigmentation fades to become an even skin tone.
  • Prebiotic Fermented Kefir Extract: This active sets up the perfect conditions for your skin to naturally thrive. Promoting the skin's natural turnover cycle strengthens the barrier function. Also, over time, this will help improve skin texture and appearance.
  • Lastly, Yuzu Extract: This natural wonder works hand in hand with hyaluronic acid to restore moisture. Yuzu is also great at brightening the skin!
Shiseido Eudermine Activating Essence Review

Finished your bottle? Don't throw it away. At Shiseido, they believe in giving your containers multiple lives. The Eudermine Activating Essence is refillable. Therefore, this is the perfect option for those who wish to reduce their plastic consumption whilst staying glamorous.

Shiseido Eudermine Activating Essence Review
How to keep your skin hydrated?

A well-hydrated skin is every person's dream, but sometimes it's the most minor steps that can get us there:

  • Drink water: You may think, “Duh”, but internal hydration is a significant factor in healthy skin. As much as skincare products help prevent and restore hydration, consuming the correct amount of water is the fastest way to restore hydration.
  • Sun protection: Protecting your skin from UV sun rays and overheating will prevent your skin from losing too much water. Our skin naturally evaporates water throughout the day. UV rays can cause severe damage to your skin, like unbalancing your skin's natural barrier or causing profound dehydration through sunburns.
  • Lastly, Add a hydrating step to your skincare routine: This step will keep your skin feeling comfortable. Skincare gives your skin an immediate source of hydration, preventing it from draining the moisture levels in the skin.
Shiseido Eudermine Activating Essence Review
My Experience

I recently tested the Eudermine Activating Essence to keep hydrated skin. Super lightweight and fast absorbing, I was surprised by the rapid results I got. I applied the essence twice daily using a cotton pad, and my skin would immediately feel awake. Over three weeks, my skin went from dull and irregular to a smoother, healthy look. This serum is ideal for those needing an extra kick of hydration. I paired the essence with the new Bio-Performance Skin Filler Serums (review here), which hugely boosted my results. Overall, this essence fits perfectly into any skin routine and smells divine!

Where To Buy It?

Shiseido Eudermine Activating Essence is available at:

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