Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Review

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Review

Skin dehydration is not dry skin or skin lacking hydration causing it to be dull or lifeless. You may experience dehydrated skin even if your skin is combination, normal or oily. Dehydrated skin is a condition of the skin that is not permanent. It is based on external factors, like diet, stress, or season. But dry skin is a skin type and not a skin condition. I believe all skin types need hydration. I am going to talk about the hydration power duo from Sisley Paris: Hydra-Global Serum and Hydra-Global.

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum, and Sisley Paris Hydra-Global

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum – Anti-Aging Hydration Booster

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum – ‘Anti-Aging Hydration Booster is the first fundamental daily step in reinforcing the skin’s power of auto-hydration. To boost the skin’s intensive natural hydration, it acts by using the power of key ingredients of natural origins. The two ingredients, Blue Agave Yeast Extract from Mexico and Carob Seed Extract, make up the heart of this serum. They target the production of hyaluronic acid (a key molecule in hydration) in order to retrain skin to conserve water. In effect, it naturally rehydrates it from within, re-infusing it with suppleness.

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The Hydra-Global Serum also promotes water circulation in the epidermis. By supporting the creation of an “airtight barrier,” water loss is minimized. Thus, long-lasting retention of water in the skin is better optimized. Re-hydrated from within, the skin looks more beautiful and lastingly hydrated and supple. Its fresh, delicate and light texture leaves a bare-skin sensation allowing daily skincare to be applied immediately. A veritable sensorial experience.'

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum, and Sisley Paris Hydra-Global
My Thoughts On Hydra-Global Serum

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum is a new addition to my skincare routine since last month. I am really enjoying using the serum. The delicate fragrance, a kind of herbal in simple words, is a blend of Sage, Lavender, and Marjoram essential oils. It gives a fresh and relaxing experience.

One pump is enough for my face and I take another for my neck and decollete. The texture is very smooth, looks like a gel but is refreshingly creamy. It soaks into the skin fairly quickly. I have been using it day and night for five days a week for almost a month. I love the results. My skin is a combination but it does experience dehydration from time to time. That is usually when I am in a period of stress or due to hormonal reasons. So, it was the perfect time to start texting the serum. Buy Hydra-Global Serum HERE.

The serum is lightweight and does not leave any residue after application, the fragrance fades away after application. My skin is more supple and feels moisturized. There are no dry areas on my skin, but it all looks more even and plumped I would say.

Another thing I have noticed is that my skin looks and feels healthy. At first, I was not feeling easy to start testing it as I am prone to congestion. I am very careful in choosing the products for my skin type, but this one is a winner. I totally agree, it is suitable for all skin types. It pertains to the amount of hydration that your skin needs, not less and not more than that. I have experienced no breakouts or congestion from this product. My skin looks radiant and evener.

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global  

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global – ‘Intense Anti-aging Hydration is an intensive hydrating, anti-ageing moisturizer. Hydra-Global moisturizer works with the serum to restore the skin's natural moisture balance. And it helps restart hydration functions deep within the epidermis by maintaining a continuous level of hydration. I apply the cream-gel texture morning and night to the face and neck after applying the serum.'

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum, and Sisley Paris Hydra-Global
My Thoughts On Hydra-Global

This is a very lightweight cream-gel moisturizer that I use after using my Hydra-Global serum. The Hydra-Global serum works very nicely in conjunction with this moisturizer.

I massage it in circular motions on my skin including the neck and decollete area. It sinks into the skin pretty fast. Both the products do work really nicely in harmony giving the optimal amount of hydration that the skin needs. And the results are beautiful, radiant, long-lasting hydration making the skin supple and plumped with fewer wrinkles.

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The delicate fragrance blend of Sage, Lavender, and Marjoram essential oils gives a fresh olfactive signature to this duo. Thus, making it a relaxing experience to use and apply.

Both the products are really worth checking out if you have any type of skin. Usually, there is a lack of hydration in most skins. It may be occasional or regular, it might be an early sign of ageing. Or it may be due to any environmental or hormonal factors. It may be like stress, fatigue, wind, pollution which disrupt and weaken skin's natural hydration mechanisms. I believe hydration to be the key to maintain and improve any kind of skin condition.

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