Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Review

Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Review

Sisley has launched a new product that focuses on providing contouring care to the body. I have seen women be conscious about their bodies and achieving the ideal body. The concept of the ideal body and the standards that are used to define the ideal body has changed. The standard is now a combined set of physical and mental well-being, not just the look of the body anymore. Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Intensive Contouring Care was developed by Sisley Paris as a result of a research partnership with the University of Paris. And around seven years of research went into this product.

Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Review
Key Ingredients & Their Dual Action

The key ingredients combine to form a formula that is dual-action. The intelligent formula adapts to the body's biorhythm to act on the curves and restore the skin to its best self.

  • For the day, the combination of Pink Berry oil, Caffeine, Cedrol, and White Ginger extract help thighs look more defined and firmer.
  • For the night, the combination of Mandarin extract, Andiroba oil, and Exopolysaccharide from Plankton works to minimize the appearance of cellulite.
  • Apart from the above key ingredients, there is shea oil to nourish the skin.
  • Also, Vitamin E Acetate protects from oxidizing agents and free radicals.
Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Review
My Review

Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Intensive Contouring Care is designed to refine the silhouette. That means, to sculpt the look of contours and volumes of the body. Above all, Le Sculpteur supports a kinder and healthier approach to body image. For me personally, I have struggled in the past to feel positive and confident about my body. Now that I have passed that phase, I am more comfortable and confident. My motto is to have a better body image so that I have a better life.

Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Intensive Contouring Care Review

Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Intensive Contouring Care is a very nice welcome into my everyday routine. Now that I have used it for over 20 days, I am even happier to say that it has become essential. It has changed the way I look and feel about my body. The skin once I saw and felt loose, not toned, and not supple has changed for good. I apply Le Sculpteur morning and night to the areas of concern for me, which include thighs, arms, and stomach. It also works nicely on the other areas as buttocks, hips, legs, etc.

Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Review

I make sure to dry brush the areas before I apply this treatment. Then, I massage it until it is completely absorbed. Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur has a very interesting gel-in-oil texture that feels cooling and soothing instantly once applied. That promotes the sensation of well-being and freshness. The melting formula leaves a beautiful velvety feel on the skin without any residue. In other words, I do not have to wait before getting dressed up. My skin feels soft, nourished, smooth, and toned.

Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Texture

I first thought that it is just a good skin day but I did notice an immediate shaping effect after using it for the first few times. As I used it more, I could see and feel the difference in my skin. My skin is toned, firm, and looks younger. Below is the application process, courtesy of Sisley-Paris. I follow this process on the days I am not using the dry brush on my body.

Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Review
Sisley Body Brush

Dry brushing is a method of gently exfoliating your skin using a special firm-bristled brush. As part of the skincare routine, it helps restore firmness, gets rid of dry skin flaking, and encourages blood flow to certain areas of the body. I am currently loving the Sisley Body Brush. It was complimentary with the purchase of Le Sculpteur on the official website. It has boar bristles combined with massage nodules for dual action. Also, it feels very refreshing and awakening for the body.

Sisley Paris Body Brush Review

After dry brushing, my body and skin overall feel active and light. And applying the Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur afterward, they both work like magic. On the outer look, it feels hard and rough but once I started using it, I am loving it.

Sisley Paris Body Brush Review

I recently emptied my Sisley Black Rose Beautifying Emulsion. I have to say it truly is a must-have if you love anything from the Sisley Black Rose range. Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid is my go-to, especially for summer. It is soothing, lightweight, and nourishing any time of the year.

Where To Buy Sisley Paris?

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