Sisley Paris Supremya At Night Anti-Aging Fluid Review

Sisley Paris Supremya At Night Anti-Aging Fluid Review

Target 25 anti-aging markers with the NEW Sisley Paris Supremya At Night Anti-Aging Fluid

When it comes to aging gracefully, Sisley has all the keys to keep your skin youthful for longer. After using the Ginkgo Gua Sha (review here), I was advised to use their latest Supremya Fluid lotion with it.

Sisley Paris Supremya At Night Moisturizing Lotion Review
The Night-Activated Anti-Aging Fluid

The Supremya At Night Anti-Aging Fluid is said to have some of the most potent anti-aging actives inside. This lightweight fluid revitalizes your skin, giving it endless energy to regenerate. Inspired by research in chronobiology, the serum gets to work while you get some well-needed rest. The silky smooth fluid is perfect with the Ginko Gua Sha tool and is gentle on the skin but hard on wrinkles.

As the skin ages, it becomes weaker, and signs of aging can become visible (wrinkles, fine lines, lack of firmness, etc). Using this fluid in your evening skincare routine, your skin will recover from daily damage and prepare to fight other aggressions. Delightful to use, the lotion fluid has the iconic scent of the Supremÿa's signature floral notes.

Sisley Paris Supremya At Night Moisturizing Lotion Review
Key Benefits

Sisley Paris Supremya At Night Anti-Aging Fluid has the key benefits:

  • Resynchronizes: The skin's natural regenerating mechanism is boosted to revitalize the skin deeply.
  • Recovers: Repairs damage caused throughout the day by external aggression.
  • Detoxifies: The skin gains in brightness thanks to its detoxifying properties.
Sisley Paris Supremya Lotion Review
What's Inside?

Exclusive Regeneration Complex™: Made from potent anti-aging ingredients, this complex targets key night stages to promote skin regeneration and restoration. The natural origin ingredients also help to restore skin protection and prevent dehydration by targeting 25 anti-aging markers.

Sisley Paris Gua Sha Review
What Is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese massage technique used in skincare routines to reduce signs of aging and promote blood circulation. Also, Gua Sha uses a round-edge tool to massage the skin. Sisley recently released their unique Ginkgo Gua Sha Tool, perfectly adapted to their products.

Pssst: Did you know that the Sisley tool shape is inspired by the Ginkgo Bilboa leaf, a key ingredient in their Supremya anti-aging collection?

Learn more about the Sisley tool here.

Sisley Paris Supremya At Night Moisturizing Lotion Review
My Review

I have been practicing Gua Sha for a couple of days and noticed a huge difference. It was time for me to up my game by using the latest edition of Supremya. The fluid is extremely luxurious and has a dreamy texture. Suitable for every skin type, I use the fluid every evening to achieve baby-soft skin. The fluid lasts long as the texture easily glides across the skin. Therefore, this makes the investment worthwhile!

When combined with the Gua sha tool, the fluid penetrates deeper, allowing the massage to be performed perfectly. It also leaves no stain on the pillows or clothing, which is a relief.

I recommend this fluid to those who want to prevent and correct signs of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Day by day, the skin becomes softer and gains a firmer appearance. I also applied this lotion on the neck and the remaining product to my hands. Waste not, want not.

Where To Buy It?

Sisley Paris Supremya At Night Moisturizing Lotion is available at:

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