Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask Review

Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask Review

Today I am taking you on a magnificent journey through the lands of Korea with Sulwhasoo products. The brand strongly believes that beauty does not lessen but evolves. I decided to try it for myself.

Sulwhasoo gained a name for itself thanks to the brilliant research and devotion at the Sulwhasoo Heritage & Science Center. They study many things like the star active: ginseng from all angles.

Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask Review
The Mask Collection

Today I will be focussing on one product from this collection. But first, here's a quick recap of the different masks available at Sulwhasoo.

  • Herbal clay mask: Designed to treat stressed skin, the cream texture targets dilated pores, excess shine and lines.
  • Clarifying mask: This is perfect for dryer skin types. Removing flaky skin and impurities, it has a peel-off texture.
  • White Ginseng radiance refining mask: If you want a quick refresh during your day, then this 5-minute mask is perfect. It promotes brighter skin by oxygenating and smoothing its texture.
  • Overnight vitalizing mask: Giving you a baby skin finish, this overnight mask softens skin and deeply restores hydration.
Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask Review
The Herbal Clay Purifying Mask

I selected the herbal mask as it suits my skin concerns. The gel-cream clay formula is super hydrating. Offering a gentle but effective cleansing of the skin, it removes dead skin cells and any build-up of makeup or pollution on the surface. The mask can be used on sensitive skin and brings a cool soothing sensation to the skin when applied.

Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask Review
What's Inside?

The clay inside the mask originates from the Yellow sea mudflats in west Korea. Naturally refined by the movement of the tide, the fine grain helps capture impurities found in expression lines, fine wrinkles and pores.

The formula is enriched with the “Korean traditional herb complex” made of mugwort, heartleaf, houttuynia powder, and six other soothing herbs. The mask uses a natural PHA exfoliant to smooth the skin's grain.

Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask Review
My Review

I was happy to try this mask, as I have always been inspired by traditional medicine and herbs. The mask slides onto the skin quickly and feels very refreshing. One thing I liked about the mask was the comfort. I didn't experience any tight feelings. My skin was much clearer, pores tightened and relaxed. It took a couple of uses to get the best results, and I occasionally used it as a spot care cream.

Where To Buy It?

Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask is available at:

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