NEW Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Eye Cream Review

NEW Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Eye Cream Review

Is your skin starting to show visible signs of aging? If so, no worries. I have recently discovered the Ultimate S eye cream that recaptures skin's youth using the power of Ginseng Berries.

The Ultimate S Eye-Lifting Cream (20ml)

Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Eye Cream Review

Last, in line with the Ultimate S age preventive treatment, this fluffy and comfort-infusing eye cream will surely lift and brighten your eye contour. 

Suitable for all skin types, the highly intensive eye cream treats specific signs of aging and stress, such as crow's feet, under-eye lines, eyelid wrinkles, puffiness, and bags. In just eight weeks, you will notice a vast improvement in the eye contour's texture and visible firmness.

What's Inside?

Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Eye Cream Review

Throughout the Ultimate S skincare collection, there is one star ingredient: the Ginseng Berry SR™ formula. It is created from ‘Syringaresinol' (an essential anti-aging ingredient). It is 200 times stronger than the original active. This exclusive formula helps reduce the impact of external aggressors and aging on the skin.

Fun fact: Did you know that Sulwhasoo obtains just 1g from every 600,000g of ginseng berry extract? 

Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Eye Cream Review

My Review

I recently purchased the Ultimate S skincare collection from Sulwhasoo, hoping it would help me slow down and prevent future signs of aging. Check out my review of The Ultimate S Cream for face here.

The Ultimate S eye cream is by far my favorite product! It has a sublime texture instantly allows your skin to absorb and relax. The eye cream is excellent for targetting tired eyes and the first signs of expression wrinkles. What are expression wrinkles? 

Expression wrinkles are the wrinkles created by the repeated movements we make throughout the day (smiling, eating, opening and closing our eyes, etc.)

The Ultimate S eye cream has significantly improved my eye contour appearance by smoothing out the skin texture and densifying the needed zones. I have fewer fine lines around my eyes, and it's all thanks to this cream! Suitable for all skin types, it has a very soft berry scent. I recommend the Ultimate S cream (review here) and eye cream for 30-year-olds and those starting their anti-aging skincare routines.

Where To Buy It?

Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Eye Cream is available at:

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