Supergoop Glowscreen Review

Supergoop Glowscreen Review

Supergoop is founded by Holly Thaggard after one of her friends was diagnosed with skin cancer. She was determined to learn everything she could about SPF and moreover, why many people still not using it. She decided to revolutionize the sunscreen industry and developed a range of sunblock products that cater to every people irrespective of their skin type and tone. 

Unlike other prestige skincare brands, Supergoop is focused entirely on protecting the skin from UV rays. Through an ever-expanding product line, now the brand has sunscreen to everything from eyeshadows to primers. 

Supergoop Glowscreen Review
Supergoop Glowscreen

Supergoop Glowscreen is light on the skin and offers a fresh and glowy finish. Also, it works nicely as a primer before applying makeup. It looks so nice on skin that I don’t feel like applying BB cream afterwards.   

Supergoop Glowscreen Review

The Unique Formula

Besides hyaluronic acid, there's also vitamin B5 and niacinamide for hydrating the skin. Another ingredient is sea lavender which provides antioxidant protection (in addition to providing hydration). Vitamin B5 present on it has the benefit of restoring elasticity to your skin and preventing fine lines, while the cocoa peptides provide protection from free radical damage caused by blue light.

Key Benefits

  • Create a perfect makeup base with a glowing and dewy finish
  • Get absorbed into the skin easily
  • Strong sun protection with SPF 40
  • Loaded with nourishing and quality ingredients
Supergoop Glowscreen Review
My Experience

Right from the very first day of using the Supergoop’s Glowscreen, I noticed an instant glow on my skin that looks natural as well as smooth. It acts as a perfect primer offering a well-hydrated and dewy base to my makeup.

Supergoop Glowscreen Review

The texture of the cream is a little denser, somewhere between a sunscreen and a primer, but it spreads effortlessly and smoothly, thanks to the hydrating ingredients. Although it might not be the cheapest sunscreen available on the market its dual functionality as a primer and SPF, makes me keep it around. I liked its unique formulation and even finish. If you are looking for a multitasker sunscreen that leaves a nice glow on your skin, this one is an amazing option. 

Where To Buy It?

Supergoop Glowscreen is available at:

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