Suqqu Aqufons Skincare Review

Suqqu Aqufons Skincare Review

Suqqu skincare was on my list to try for a long time and finally, I am happy to have indulged in their newest skincare launch. Suqqu Aqufons Collection launched recently and there is a full range of products including serum, lotion, and moisturizer. The collection aims to bring a bright and clear radiance to the skin.

Suqqu Aqufons Skincare Review
Aqufons Collection

Aqufons combine two words together, aqua and fons. And that means a spring (fons) welling up with water (aqua). Thus, the result is effortless hydrated radiance. The products in this range have a scent reminiscent of the fresh natural springs. More like trees and fresh flowers in bloom, the aquatic floral woody scent is very pleasant and dissipates quickly. The scent promotes relaxation and comfort while performing the skincare ritual. The collection features a key ingredient called Aqufons Complex. It is also infused with watercress essence to improve circulation as well as a geranium extract to counteract dullness.

There are three products in the range for a 3 step Suqqu Aquafons ritual. I am enjoying the Aqufons Kit that has a full-size Aqufons Refining Serum and deluxe samples of Aqufons Hydrating Lotion Enriched and Aqufons Replenishing Fluid.

Suqqu Aqufons Refining Serum Review
Aqufons Refining Serum

Suqqu Aqufons Refining Serum has a beautiful airy and lightweight texture that literally melts on the skin. IT absorbs quickly into the skin without any residue. It instantly moisturizes the skin while making the complexion look fresh and feel comfortable. The serum is non-sticky. The packaging of the serum is also very nice and sturdy with a pump to dispense it. I have been using this serum for over a month now and am happy with the results. Even in the coldest of the months, my skin looks radiant and is nicely hydrated. I use this serum after cleansing. Also, my skin looks even and clear with no breakouts.

Depending on how my skin is behaving and what it needs, I follow up with another serum or moisturizer some days. Overall, this serum has become a sample in my routine and I can definitely notice how radiant, even, and clear my skin looks.

Suqqu Aqufons Refining Serum Review
Aqufons hydrating Lotion Enriched

Aqufons hydrating Lotion Enriched is a highly moisturizing lotion. It has a thick texture that applies and glides well on the skin. It nicely absorbs into the skin, giving a good dose of hydration to the skin. Moreover, it does not feel heavy on the skin and does not leave a residue. The skin feels soft and comfortable. In conclusion, it is a must-have for the cold weather when the skin needs a little extra help with hydration without feeling heavy.

Suqqu Aqufons Lotion and Emulsion Review
Aqufons Replenishing Fluid

Suqqu Aqufons Replenishing Fluid is a lightweight emulsion that feels like elastic jelly and smoothes on the skin. It feels very hydrating as applied and massaged into the skin. It instantly makes the skin look supple and radiant with hydration. In conclusion, I have noticed my skin is fresh, glowing, bright, supple, and smooth after I apply it.

Overall, I am really enjoying my three-step routine courtesy of the Suqqu Aqufons Collection. Apart from the skincare products, I am also enjoying Suqqu Signature Color Eyes, Suqqu Comfort Lip Fluid Glow, and Suqqu Moon Gleam Highlighter & Blush from their Holiday Collection of last year. The formulas and shades are magnificent.

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