Suqqu VIALUME The Cleansing Cream Review

Suqqu VIALUME The Cleansing Cream Review

The brand derives its name from the Japanese language which translates to ‘posture with attitude’ and was founded in 2003. It is a Japanese beauty brand which deals with skincare and makeup products. Their innovative blends and formulations have led to the formation of luxurious competent products.

They have designed products to suit every type of skin and complexion creating a beautiful experience for their customers.

Suqqu VIALUME The Cleansing Cream Review
Suqqu VIALUME The Cleansing Cream

This cream has an extraordinary formula that provides a deep cleanse and leaves you feeling fresh. It has a blend of four naturally derived oils that clean skin and keeps the moisture locked in the skin.

Suqqu VIALUME The Cleansing Cream Review
Key Ingredients

The formula has a unique structure that consists of two layers. The inner layer consists of oils that firm the texture and the outer layer has water-based ingredients.

  • It contains plant oils derived naturally, including Avocado oil, Alba seed oil, Evening primrose oil, and Shea butter. These oils provide moisture to the skin
  • The White Clay helps in removing dirt and impurities from pores. The adsorbing element is the Kaolin.
  • Plant-derived scrub helps in exfoliation and leaves the skin smooth.
Suqqu VIALUME The Cleansing Cream Review

All the ingredients in the cream provide different benefits to the skin.

  • Remove the dullness from the skin.
  • Deep clean the pores.
  • Lightweight on skin.
  • Easy to apply due to its unique structure.
  • Refreshing to the skin.
  • Provides radiance and glass kike skin.
  • Removes make-up efficiently.
Suqqu VIALUME The Cleansing Cream Texture
My Review

This cream's texture is amazing and so easy to apply. I use it in the morning as well as before sleeping. I use the massage technique recommended by SUQQU. Massage the cleansing cream on your face starting from the forehead, eyes, chin, cheeks and around the lips in a circular motion for best results. It leaves my skin radiant and clears out the dullness from pollution. My skin has gotten a lot smoother after I started using this cleansing cream. It has a subtle woody aroma and it feels fresh on the skin. Also, it removes the make-up easily without draining the moisture.

Where To Buy It?

Suqqu VIALUME The Cleansing Cream is available at:

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