Surratt Hinoki Skincare Review

Surratt Hinoki Skincare Review

Kickstart your day with the Hinoki skincare routine from Surratt

After recently getting my glam on with the “Surreal Skin Foundation Wand“, it is time to put Surratt's skincare duo to the test.

Surratt Hinoki Skincare Review

We all know how important keeping our skin hydrated and clean is. And so removing our makeup is essential to balanced skin.

Surratt Hinoki Cleansing Oil
Surratt Hinoki Cleansing Oil Review

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The Hinoki Cleansing Oil removes makeup and cleanses/ calms the skin. This silky smooth oil cleanser removes even the most stubborn makeup. Massage it onto the skin to break down makeup. Made in Japan, the beautifully scented oil takes you back to the native Japanese Cypress trees. The lightweight oil transforms into a milky texture when in contact with water. This helps infuse your skin with hydration and leaves you feeling refreshed and soft.

Surratt Hinoki Cleansing Oil Review
What's Inside?

The skincare duo share the same skincare formula:

  • Rice bran extract is used to hydrate and soothe the skin deeply.
  • Vitamin C improves the skin's tone.
  • Hinoki oil reduces inflammation and is also suitable for acne-prone skin.
Why Use A Facial Mist?

If you are wondering what a facial mist adds to your skin routine, keep reading.

Facial mist can have multiple benefits depending on the product's action. Put aside the incredibly refreshing sensation. Mists are a lifesaver when it comes to makeup:

  • Before makeup, mists are used to hydrate the skin's surface resulting in a smoother skin tone. This is also great for saving some precious foundation as the humid layer helps blend out your product and limits the skin's absorption of the makeup.
  • Refresh your skin with a spritz of mist over your makeup occasionally. This is a great way to refresh your look and fix powdered pigments.
Surratt Hinoki Facial Mist
Surratt Hinoki Facial Mist Review

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The Hinoki facial mist is designed to keep your skin hydrated and comfortable. With a superfine mist, your skin is instantly refreshed and revived. Suitable to use for all skin types, even acne-prone, you can complete your Surratt makeup routine.

The mist will revive dull, tired skin and instantly boost hydration. Also, as mentioned earlier, you will find the same skincare formula in both products.

My Review

I have been inquisitive about trying Surratt's skincare products since I heard about them. The oil cleanser is a blessing; never have I been able to remove my makeup so fast. It glides onto the skin, feeling extra luxurious, and instantly captures the waterproof makeup pigments. My skin felt great after using this cleanser, and I would 100% recommend it to those of you who need a softer solution to makeup removal.

Surratt Hinoki Skincare Review

Before applying my “Dew Drop” foundation (review here), I spray the mist over my face. I found this great for the morning as it helps prepare the skin for the following products. The mist has a lovely woody scent that instantly boosts my mood. You can use it as a refreshing mist during the day as its format is light enough to fit in the bag. Or, keep it for your skincare routine. The Hinoki range is a big thumbs up from me!

Where To Buy It?

Surratt Hinoki Skincare is available at:

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