My Top 5 – Tracie Martyn Skincare Review

My Top 5 – Tracie Martyn Skincare Review

Tracie Martyn skincare originates from the United Kingdom and specializes in clean skincare products. With a more holistic approach to well-being, the brand offers a complete skincare range designed by a nutritionist. The brand is home to some of the most well-known facial treatments: such as microcurrent facials. Instantly boosting your skin's youth! If you are looking for a clean, skin-safe brand, then know that all the products are 100% free of harsh industrial chemicals.

1. Enzyme Exfoliant Mask

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This exfoliating mask offers a gentle exfoliation of the skin. All facials use three significant types of exfoliation: Remove dead skin cells, reduce pigmentations, and smooth skin tone. Also, pineapple enzymes, Kojic acid, and lactic/ malic acids will be found.

Benefits: The mask brings light to dull skin. Eliminating impurities minimizes the appearance of pores and leaves a smoother skin tone. And over time, the exfoliating mask helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Firming Serum

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The firming serum is a 3-in-1 super serum. The serum can be used as an anti-aging, eye, and hydrating serum with multiple actions. Inside the lightweight formula are rich plant proteins and antioxidants. As a result, strengthening and repairing the skin at a deep level combines hyaluronic acid and squalene to lock in moisture.

Benefits: With regular use, the serum promotes elasticity and moisture. Also, wrinkles and fine lines are plumped, and the skin gains a relaxed, smooth look.

3. Face Resculpting Cream

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The moisturizing day/ night cream has a quick-absorbing, silicone-free formula. With its creamy texture, the skin gains a firmer and tighter look. Inside, you will find: natural amino acids and enzymes; these actives bring life to the skin. Also, combined with Omega 3-rich oils (ORGANIC BLACK CURRANT SEED OIL and ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL), the skin is deeply nourished and moisturized. Moreover, the cream can be enjoyed by all skin types and is a non-comedogenic formula.

4. Resculpting Neck and Body Serum

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With Tracie Martyn, beauty doesn't stop at the face. This neck and chest serum help tighten and lift your skin in the places most needed. Using their exclusive Electriol® complex fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. The lightweight texture is also infused with silk Snow Mushroom Extract. Also, this helps bind moisture to the skin and leaves a luminous touch.

5. Complexion Savior Mask

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The complexion saviour mask is a must-have for dehydrated and problem-prone skin. With a highly soothing and hydrating action, the mask gives instant relief. The mask uses multiple botanicals, such as organic aloe vera, to calm redness or breakouts. It is also oil-free, which means all skin types can use it for soft, dewy, glowing skin.

My Thoughts

The skincare range from Tracie Martyn has beautiful textures and makes you feel good in your skin. Also, I admire the determination to provide clean, environmentally conscious products. I will continue to use the complexion saviour as I suffer from painful breakouts on the face. The mask immediately soothes redness and doesn't clog the pores.

Overall, the brand has a wide choice of bundles if you want to try out the full range or offer a gift to a special someone. I used the Toner from the brand I reviewed here if you want to read more.

Where To Buy It?

Tracie Martyn Skincare products are available at:

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