U Beauty The RETURN Eye Concentrate Review

U Beauty The RETURN Eye Concentrate Review

Wipe away the years!

This lightweight creamy texture is a real treat for your eye contour. The RETURN eye treatment targets signs of ageing caused by oxidative stress and a free-radical imbalance. Over time this can leave your skin marked by fine lines, wrinkles, or a puffy, dark undereye. The eye treatment was designed to be used on our fragile eye contours. It helps to reduce signs of ageing and restore a youthful, energetic gaze.

U Beauty The RETURN Eye Concentrate Review

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The super-intelligent formula of this Eye Concentrate contains potent actives like peptides, antioxidants, and Pure diamond powder. Therefore, eye contour has impressive skincare benefits and smooths the skin immediately.

What's Inside?


The skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest. Therefore, this eye cream works on two levels of the skin for immediate and long-term results.


Reducing the appearance of fine lines/ wrinkles on the surface level, this treatment leaves you with a plumper and healthier eye contour. A combination of vitamins, humectants, and organic stevia extract helps to restore moisture levels and visibly awakens the eye contour. For an instantly smoother texture, the brand incorporated pure diamond powder.

U Beauty The RETURN Eye Concentrate Review


The bio-siren formula is composed of Biomimetic plankton extract and peptides. It helps to resolve imperfections such as puffiness and discolouration visibly. This is ideal for those who suffer from darkness under the eye. As a result, you are left with a brighter under-eye.

U Beauty The RETURN Eye Concentrate Review

The RETURN Eye Concentrate was successful only three days after I started it. I have genetically inherited dark circles that never seem to fade. That was until I used this beauty. The eye cream leaves your eyes feeling extra comfortable and hydrated after application. As the days went by, my eyes became more bright and smooth. Also, I noticed a difference when applying my mascara. I didn't look so tired. Get me right, my dark circles hadn't disappeared, but they were much more discreet. It worked well with my usual skincare routine, removing the tired and dull look. Overall, it's a yes for me!

Where To Buy It?

U Beauty The RETURN Eye Concentrate is available at:

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