U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound Review

U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound Review

U Beauty is a new brand to me. It was launched by Tina Craig in 2019 with a single product called The Resurfacing Compound. I will share the first product that made the brand a success in another post very soon. In this article, I am going to focus on the newest launch from U Beauty called The Sculpt Arm Compound. The brand has a total of 3 products when this post is written and they have all won multiple awards already. U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound aims to tighten, tone, and sculpt the skin around the arms.

Where To Buy It?

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U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound Review
Key Ingredients & Technology

The hero ingredient or I should say the technology behind the products including U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound is the Siren Capsule Technology. The brand's exclusive technology allows a product to deliver critical active ingredients to the area where skin needs them the most. That means, instead of working on the entire area, intelligent technology only focuses on the area in need. The active ingredients can be a combination of ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, or Vitamin C. And in the case of this newest launch, it is a combination of original Siren technology and a specially formulated Sculpt Siren variation. This variation targets arms with a unique blend of marine extracts, probiotics, and ferments.

U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound Review
Packaging & Application

First of all, the packaging of the U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound is really nice. The glossy opaque airless pump bottle has details imprinted on the surface. I like the overall color scheme and look of the line, along with the outer packaging. The product is very smooth and has a light texture. It applies very well on the surface. As I massage it into the skin, it feels very cooling and soothing on the arm area. I am using The Sculpt Arm Compound for almost 2 months and I must say that consistency is the key when using it.

U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound Review
My Review

When I first started using U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound, I felt like there was a difference in my arm area in terms of tightening. But then I thought that it might just be my diet or routine, so I kept using it a bit more before coming to any conclusion. I want to mention that while researching about this newest launch, I saw it mentioned somewhere that it works even better when combined with arm workouts. In my everyday routine, I do keep aside few minutes to do my arm workouts, not the rigorous ones. So, I was covered in that sense.

The first thing I notice is that the U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound gives a nice tightening effect to my skin. For your reference, before using it, the skin on my arms was smooth but not firm. So it was a nice first impression for me. It kept consistent with this product. My skin around the arm area is smoother, sculpt, and without any bumps. In addition, I have noticed a visible difference in the contours of my arms. After every use, my skin appears a little firmer and healthier. Apart from that, this arm serum nourishes the skin. Also, the serum is not sticky and does not leave any residue. It just sinks into the skin and feels lightweight.

U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound Review

Overall, I am enjoying this U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound very much. The serum bottle is 120ml and I can keep using it for a month or so more. Another thing I have started doing is to use it on my thigh area too. And guess what, I have noticed a difference. I recommend you to check it out, it is not magic. But, I suggest making it part of your workout routine. It enhances the process of fighting against gravity without being a magic potion.

Where To Buy U Beauty?

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