Valmont Hydra3 Eye Review

Valmont Hydra3 Eye Review

Valmont has launched a new eyecare product. Valmont Hydra3 Eye is all about active hydration for the eye area. This is the first eye emulsion I have tried. Emulsion, in skincare, is a lighter version of moisturizing cream. In general, I prefer an emulsion on its own during the summer or as an additional step in my winter skincare routine. So I was not sure what to expect from an eye emulsion as I love my eye care product to work on multiple levels at the same time. Valmont Hydra3 Eye has totally level set the definition of eye emulsion for me.

Valmont Hydra3 Eye Review

Valmont Hydra3 Eye emulsion infuses the skin with water. First, it instantly hydrates the eye area. Then, it gradually keeps on diffusing the hydration to the area. The key ingredients are below:

  • Polymatrix DNA is an exclusive ultra-hydrating complex that forms a poly-active molecular mesh. It provides immediate, short-term, and long-term hydration.
  • Anti-Dark Circles Peptide that reduces dark circles.
  • Youth Liposome fights against the signs of ageing.
Valmont Hydra3 Eye Review
My Thoughts

I apply Valmont Hydra3 Eye emulsion morning and night, on my eye contour after cleansing. The first thing I notice is how soothing it is. It is very lightweight and yet very hydrating. I have used it for over three weeks now and can totally feel the difference it has made. The texture of the emulsion is very smooth and gel-like cream. It instantly makes my eye area fresh and smooth. With regular use, I have noticed the eye area to be supple and youthful.

Valmont Hydra3 Eye texture

Above all, I have not noticed my eye contours to be as smooth as now. It also helps fade the dark circles. Being very lightweight, I am totally surprised how nicely keeps the eye area hydrated all day. |Above all, it is one eye care product for all ages, all skin types, and most eye concerns. Valmont Hydra3 Eye is the perfect companion even under makeup. I would also like to mention that there is a subtle natural scent to the emulsion that fades quickly.

Valmont Hydra3 Eye emulsion cream Review

In conclusion, I am truly impressed with this gem of an eye emulsion. The moment I apply it to my eye contour in the morning, it just wakes me up. I recently reviewed the Valmont DetO2x Pack here that is also a current favorite from Valmont. I have linked its review here.

For a limited time, the brand will donate $10 to the One Drop Foundation for every Hydra3 Eye sold in North America until May 31st, 2021. Also, for the purchase of Hydra3 Eye Cream, you get a complimentary Eye Roller from their official website I linked next.

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