Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence Review

Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence Review

Quick, simple and effortless results, this product is pure innovation. Recently having discovered the active essence I was curious to give it a try and I have to say I was not disappointed at all!

Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence Review
The true essence

This deeply moisturizing formula is enhanced with Vintner's daughter's top technologies: Phyto Radiance Infusion™ and Phyto Ferment™. (We will get to these later in this article)

This powerful aqua-based botanical mixture delivers 5 weeks of treatment for all skin types. It is a 100% natural ingredient product and the brand also donates 2% of the benefits to charity which I find amazing.

Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence Review
The endless power

Carefully selected, one by one the 30+ botanical ingredients work in harmony to deliver breathtaking results. From superfoods and ancient healing plants to balancing adaptogens. Another point marker is that the brand works with conscious growers around the world. The active complex deeply moisturizes as well as renews the skin.

Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence Review
From 100 to 1

Here comes the exciting part! The active treatment can replace a couple of products in your skincare routine with its rich and multi-talented complex formula. For example Your vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum, antioxidant serum, micro-exfoliator, plant stem cell serum, etc. The list goes on. Also, this essence is great for active women who don't want to spend a long time on their skincare routine.

Complex talk

Over the 5 weeks, the skin is enhanced by these two complexes and here is how:

Phyto Radiance Infusion™: This is a 21-day process which uses nutrient-rich, whole plants to gently infuse the skin with their powerful nourishing qualities. Using an aqueous base, the ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin giving a higher absorption and therefore, great result.

Phyto Ferment™: Amplifying the previous action, this 14-day process facilitates nutrition absorption through enzymes for more resilient as well as healthy skin.

Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence Review
My Review

Overall, having completed the 5-week treatment, I am completely satisfied with the results. My skin is moisturized. I see a visibly healthy glowing, stronger skin. My skin looks smoother and clear, thanks to the exfoliating capability of the formula. Also, my skin feels comfortable, bright, and protected. The pigmentation and dark spots on my skin have reduced. Overall, I didn't expect a single product to make so much difference in the overall look and feel of my skin. I love following up with the Active Botanical Serum. Above all, the duo is perfect for radiant, supple, and beautiful skin.

Where To Buy It?

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