ZIIP GX Series Review – ZIIP Beauty

ZIIP GX Series Review – ZIIP Beauty

Doesn’t a ‘do-it-all’ skincare device that targets ANY skin concern sound a little unrealistic? I thought so, too. But, as someone that’s constantly trying to combat my tonne of skin concerns without the help of anything invasive, I just knew I had to try the ZIIP GX. Founded by an electric aesthetician (yes, a job as impressive as it sounds!), Melanie Simon, the ZIIP brand introduced the first-ever app-connected beauty device in 2015. 7 years on, it claims to be making revolutionary moves in skincare.

ZIIP GX Series Review - ZIIP Beauty
What Is ZIIP GX Tool?

The ZIIP GX tool itself is an electric facial device that, when used in tandem with the brand's facial products, helps boost regeneration of skin cells as well as reboot collagen production. How? Well, this is where it gets a bit too sciencey for my liking. But the simple explanation is that the device emits electric ‘nano currents’ – microscopic currents that penetrate the skin and work with our body’s own frequency to get the best results.

ZIIP GX Series Device Review - ZIIP Beauty
What is ZIIP's Golden Gel?

I tried the device with the brand’s Golden Gel – a very cooling, luxe-feeling serum. It is essential to use the ZIIP GX with a gel of your choice. The gel can be purchased as a set with the device itself. When smothered onto cleansed, dry skin, the gel acts as an accelerator for the nano currents to reach the neediest parts of your skin (i.e. dehydrated areas, dry patches, pigmentation, etc). It’s designed to help make your skin conducive to the energy that the device is releasing (thanks to the gold extract and dehydrated seawater ingredients), and is packed with bio-placenta, which stimulates the creation of collagen for a glowy, plump result.

ZIIP Beauty Golden Gel Review

To use it, I simply had to download the ZIIP app onto my phone. It’s pretty plain sailing from that point onwards. All you have to do is connect your device, select a treatment (there are 10!) that best suits the skin concern that you are trying to target and get going. If you still happen to struggle and need some guidance, there are also really handy videos on the app which really help.

ZIIP GX Series Review - ZIIP Beauty
What Is Included In ZIIP GX Series Box?

The box contains the following items:

  • ZIIP GX device
  • Full-size 80ml Golden Gel pump bottle
  • A charging USB cable
  • ZIIP Travel Bag
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • User Guide
My Review

I’m sure you’re wondering whether it actually works, or if this savvy skincare gem is worth the breathtaking price tag. My simple answer is yes. This super luxurious skincare regime isn’t loved by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston for no reason – it just really, really works! I tried a range of the facials on offer over the course of two weeks. And I can safely say that my skin appears more lifted, sculpted, glowy, and less lackluster. My puffy eyes are still there, but they are much better and I just generally look more awake.

ZIIP GX Series Review - ZIIP Beauty


  • ZIIP GX Series device should light up when it touches your skin. If it doesn’t, there is not enough gel on your skin and you need to apply more.
  • Use it regularly! Dependent on which facial you go for, you may have to wait a certain amount of time between treatments. However, make sure that you maintain the treatments appropriately in order to receive long-term results.
  • Need to give your skin a quick boost? Opt for the ‘instant gratification’ program on the app for a 4-minute facial that you’ll actually see results from.
Where To Buy ZIIP Beauty?
  • ZiipBeauty.com Use code velvetlife20 to receive 20% off your ZIIP GX Series or ZIIP OX Series

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