Cire Trudon Madurai Candle Review

Cire Trudon Madurai Candle Review

The candle of a thousand tales

After recently visiting Asia, I wanted to bring a touch of the culture to my home. That's when I discovered the Madurai candle from Trudon.

Cire Trudon Madurai Candle Review

Trudon candles

Made in France, the Trudon candles are crafted to perfection. It exists in 4 sizes, and you can adapt the scent to each room size. Trudon has a large selection of classic candles to match all occasions.

Indian jasmine

The story of the Duke of Tuscany inspired the Madurai candle. He first brought jasmine to India in 1690. Found all over the country, this emblematic flower, fresh or dried, plays a massive role in India's myths, legends and daily rituals. From perfumes and loose-leaf tea to being braided into floral necklaces, jasmine sambac is everywhere. Therefore, the Madurai candle captures every step of your journey.

Cire Trudon Madurai Candle Review

The Scent

This candle is a dream come true for floral lovers. Inside its pure white wax hides a bouquet waiting to blossom. As soon as the candle is lit, a sweet note of Ylang-Ylang awakens. Bringing comfort to your spaces warms up the room to welcome a stronger and more present note of Sambac Jasmine absolute. Jamin is well known to have a fruity touch to it. As the scent travels through the room in bursts of freshness, it creates a laid-back atmosphere. Trudon married the floral notes to a sweet and warm note of Benzoin Resin to make the candle extra-addictive. Also, very close to Vanilla, it is said to clear negative energies.

Trudon Madurai Candle Review
Trudon Candle Review

My Experience

I was excited to discover Madurai and to relive my treasured memories from Asia. The candle comes in a vibrant blue case and looks stunning as decor. The scent did not let me down. It is delicious! I adore the scent of this candle and how long it lasts, even after the candle is out. Overall, I would recommend this to those who wish for a comforting, oriental touch to their home. Another great thing about the Trudon candles is that they burn slowly and equally. Thus, this ensures you get every penny worth from your candle. A pure gem!

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Where To Buy It?

Cire Trudon Madurai Candle is available at:

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