Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai Eau de Parfum Review

Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai Eau de Parfum Review

The Mediterranean-inspired brand never stops surprising me with its unique scents. In this woody floral perfume lies the note of rare beauty: the black rose. Forbidden yet adored, it is the fragrance of sensuality. Today we look closely at what is hiding inside this mysterious scent.

Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai Eau de Parfum Review
The Notes

Noire de Mai is an Eau de parfum built around a black rose. In its first instants, the scent reveals a vibrant and refreshing note of Bergamot and Mandarin. With the queen of flowers at heart, this perfume has a powdered elegance that lasts all day long. The two main flowers used are the Rose Centifolia and Rose Damascena. If you thought two roses were enough, think again. Veronique Gabai innovated the classical rose scent by adding a black rose. Then, this note is combined with woods, moss and a spot of amber to bring depth and longevity to the fragrance, revealing the darker facet we all have hidden inside.

Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai Eau de Parfum Review

The black rose is a rare and beautiful sight, blooming at noon. Its dew-drenched petals have a deep red-purple or maroon-burgundy tint. Also, they have been used for many means throughout history, including mystery, death, despair, and obsessive love.

The brand uses ingredients that are ethically sourced. In this scent, the following ingredients are Bergamot, Mandarin, Rose Centifolia, Rose Damascena, Cedar Wood, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, and Pink Pepper.

Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai Eau de Parfum Review
The Bottle

What does this mean? The brand is working to become as sustainable as it can. To do this decided to create long-lasting detailed containers. The bottles are all resistant in time and can be refilled for endless pleasure. I love that the refills of my favourite fragrances from the brand are available. The refill is visible in the picture.

The Perfect Pair

Did you know that you can personalize your Veronique Gabai scent? To do so, you layer the perfume with the booster/ or lotion. This gently modifies the fragrance to make it your own. The brand released a selection of boosters with different scents.

Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai Eau de Parfum Review
My Review

Noir de Mai EDP has long been on my list of perfumes. I tried the fragrance over a couple of days and loved it. If you are a fan of floral scents, then you should enjoy this one. The perfume opens with a fresh fruit note and slowly evolves to reveal its darker, warmer side. Noire de Mai is a fragrance for those that want a unique floral scent. Stepping away from the pureness of the red rose, this scent is all about stepping into the unknown darkness. Moreover, the perfume transforms throughout the day and sticks best to clothes.

The bottle has generous formats and delivers a good quantity of perfume in each spray. I love that the bottles are designed to be with you for a long time. It is helpful for those who stick with one scent. The golden metal plate gives the bottle endless beauty and is also handy for protecting the perfume from light.

The Eau de parfum has good longevity and will last you all day at work. Above all, it is light enough to wear in confined spaces, and the perfume will impress.

Other fragrances I love from Veronique Gabai are Sur La Plage and the new Aroma Collection.

Where To Buy It?

Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai Eau de Parfum is available at:

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