Veronique Gabai Souvenirs de Tunisie Review

Veronique Gabai Souvenirs de Tunisie Review

Capture the Essence of Tunisia with this fruity floral perfume

Perfumes have the power to transport us back to a particular place and time. And that's just what Veronique Gabai's “Souvenirs de Tunisie” fragrance does. The uniquely combined notes transport you to the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, where your skin bathes in the sun.

Veronique Gabai Souvenirs de Tunisie Review
The “Memories from Tunisia” Eau de Parfum

Behind each perfume lies inspiration and story. In this particular scent, the fragrance captures the destination of Tunisia. It evokes the warm and solar orange blossom and fresh notes of pastries made in the villages. Above all, Tunisia is at the fragrance's heart, expressed using round, woody notes to build an awakening scent with a Mediterranean touch.

Alongside the perfume itself, Veronique Gabai's bottle design makes your perfume a beautiful object. Created to last a long time, these bottles are refillable and will accompany you on many of your adventures.

Veronique Gabai Souvenirs de Tunisie Review
Veronique Gabai Souvenirs de Tunisie Review
The Key Notes

Inside this Floral Fruity perfume, you will find many rare combinations of notes.

Head notes: The perfume opens on a relatively fresh and floral note. Using a blend of Orange blossom, and Neroli, the perfume instantly plunges you back to the sunny days. To keep the scent dynamic, Veronique added a zest of bergamot.

Heart notes: In the heart of this fragrance lies a warm and round character. A trio of Almond, Sandalwood, and orange wood perfectly balances out the fresher floral notes.

Lastly, Base notes: The brand added a sweeter combination to finish the perfume. Extremely sensual and long-lasting: Davana, Honeycomb, and Vanilla create a silky smooth base. If you enjoy sweeter scents, then this is definitely for you!

Veronique Gabai Souvenirs de Tunisie Review
Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Although the ingredients used in Veronique Gabai's perfumes are not ethically sourced, the brand strives to make it happen as often as possible.

What are ethically sourced ingredients? Ethically sourced ingredients mean that the people behind the finished product are treated in the best way possible. This ensures that the brand cares about the product and the whole process to achieve it.

Veronique Gabai Souvenirs de Tunisie Review
My Review

After previously wearing the multiple scents from the Noire de Mai (Review here) and Aroma collection (review here), I was curious to discover what the Eau de Parfums had to offer.

I love a perfume that tells a story and leaves your imagination wild. From the moment I smelt this perfume, I was hooked. The deliciously warm and sweet notes are perfectly balanced with the freshness of the white flowers. If you love Solar scents such as “Terracotta from Guerlain,” you will adore this!

Souvenirs de Tunisie is a perfect summer perfume that instantly brightens your day. The scent is luminous and tender, with an intimate sillage that is easy to wear.

Where To Buy It?

Veronique Gabai Souvenirs de Tunisie is available at:

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