111Skin The Clarity Concentrate Review

111Skin The Clarity Concentrate Review

111Skin has launched a new range of treatments aka ampoules. Ampoules are basically a highly potent treatment or booster that penetrates the skin with concentrated ingredients. It can be compared to more like a skin shot of actives to the skin. 111Skin has launched 5 kinds of ampoules for the specific skin concerns they aim to help with. The 111Skin concentrates or ampoules created by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides are a 7-day program. That means, there are 7 ampoules per program per package and they have high potency and highly concentrated formula, comparable to skincare prescriptions. In this post, I am going to concentrate on 111Skin The Clarity Concentrate.

111Skin Concentrates Review
Why An Ampoule?

The first thing to notice for an ampoule is its unique and innovative packaging. This design makes sure the potency of the ingredients and the formula are preserved until the time it is to be actually used. The sealed glass packaging ensures that the formula is not oxidized or is degraded which usually happens when any product is exposed to the environment, especially highly concentrated formulas. Also, each ampoule is sized according to the dose required by the skin, the right dose. The 7 ampoules are recommended as a 7-day cycle for each ampoule to penetrate and deliver the benefits.

111Skin Concentrates Review
111Skin The Concentrates Collection

111Skin Concentrates mirror the skincare solutions of five 111Skin range of collections, namely:

  • The Y Theorem Concentrate – It deals with skin concerns around stress, irritation, and exposure. It is design to recover the skin over a 7-day cycle.
  • The Radiance Concentrate – It targets to brighten and enhance the skin.
  • Next is, The Hydration Concentrate – It helps with dryness and dehydration.
  • The Firming Concentrate – It helps tighten, lift, firm, and contour the complexion.
  • Lastly, The Clarity Concentrate – It helps clarify and fight against the development of breakouts. (Review post in this article)
111Skin Concentrates Review

There is much more to the above concentrates than is mentioned and I will share them in detailed posts. I have linked my reviews of the specific concentrates that I have tried in the bulleted points above. The good thing is that they can be used independently or combined over a two, three, or four-week period with those from other collections.

111Skin The Clarity Concentrate Review
111Skin The Clarity Concentrate Review
The Clarity Concentrate

111Skin The Clarity Concentrate is a 7-day treatment program designed to balance and clear the skin. It is most suitable for skins that are prone to blemishes and congestion. The Clarity Concentrate has a blend of active ingredients that work to reduce the appearance of breakouts and congestion. That helps to balance the skin microbiome to reduce inflammation and balance oil production for congested, blemished, and oily skin.

111Skin The Clarity Concentrate Review
The Clarity Concentrate – Key Ingredients

The key ingredients in The Clarity Concentrate are:

  • Colloidal Sulphur – It balances natural oils and prevents congestion of pores. It has strong anti-bacterial properties for the skin.
  • Willow Bark Extract – It is rich in BHA, helps to decongest pores, reduces blackhead formation, and reduces skin infalmmation.
  • Microalgae Extract – Chlorella Vulgaris is rich in B vitamins, zinc, and magnesium. Thus, reducing inflammation. Chlorella extract also acts as a healer, minimises the redness of skin.
  • Cleome Leaf Extract – It is an African plant and is know for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
111Skin The Clarity Concentrate Review
How I use The Clarity Concentrate?

I have completed my 7-day cycle of 111Skin The Clarity Concentrate. I used the 7 ampoules for a period of 8 nights, skipping 1 day in between. The opener is included complimentary with the ampoule set. It is surprisingly easy to use. I was expecting a little mess when I opened my first ampoule but it is really easy to open. As advised, I use one entire ampoule peruse per night. I apply the product on the face and neck, patting gently in upward motions. This ampoule does not replace my cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. I use it on the serum step on clean skin, before applying moisturizing.

One thing to keep in mind for The Clarity Concentrate is to shake the ampoule a little. It is a little watery but easy to apply and blends well. Once it is absorbed into the skin, there is no residue.

My Review

Despite being a professional-grade and high potency formula, 111Skin The Clarity Concentrate did not irritate my skin. I feel it is gentle on my skin. It has caused no dryness on my skin although I was expecting some like other products that target congestion and blemish-prone skins. After using it for 1 day, I noticed a change in my skin the next morning. But again it might be just me. So, I had to make sure I have used the entire cycle before coming to a conclusion. I have not noticed a single breakout or bump on my skin since I started using it. My skin is calm and comfortable. Coincidentally, I was going through a stressful period and this really made me forget that I have to take extra care of my skin during this time.

111Skin The Clarity Concentrate Review

My skin is a combination with occasional breakouts, just past my mid-30s. I have dark spots from my earlier breakouts and some pigmentation. Those problem areas really improved as I used this treatment every day. There is overall clarity and radiance on the skin. It is something I can compare with me being on vacation and getting up in the morning with relaxed and carefree skin, sun shining outside and I am ready for a full day of fun. My pore size, especially on the nose area and cheeks where they are most visible, has reduced too. Again, no breakouts, I completed the regime last weekend and still can see the results. My skin is clear and balanced, not oily and not dry. My skin, but better. I am impressed with 111Skin The Clarity Concentrate.

111Skin The Clarity Concentrate Review

My skin is ready and I am excited to try the next 7-day ampoule cycle. I am still thinking about whether to use few treatments together over a period of few weeks or stick to 1. I want to experience the full potential of a single treatment, so maybe I should stick to 1 at a time. Let me know in the comments below what you think.

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