111Skin The Hydration Concentrate Review

111Skin The Hydration Concentrate Review

After completing my 7-day treatment of Y Theorem Concentrate and Clarity Concentrate, I am finally on to the next one. The Hydration Concentrate is one of the 5 concentrates in the newly launched collection from 11Skin. 111Skin The Hydration Concentrate is a 7-day treatment that is designed to provide hydration to the skin. The packaging and usage of all the concentrates are similar. There is an opener included in the overall packaging of the concentrates and it is very easy to use. For my detailed article on everything about ampoules and which ampoule is good for specific skin concerns, read my post.

111Skin The Hydration Concentrate Review

The key idea behind 111Skin The Hydration Concentrate is to saturate the skin in water and prevent transdermal water loss. To do that, an active blend of ingredients is used that I have briefly mentioned in the next paragraph. Hydration Concentrate addresses the concerns of dehydrated and dry skin. Keep in mind that all skin types can be dehydrated and may lack moisture. The reason may be stress, environmental, or even hormonal that any skin looks and feels dry and dehydrated. Moreover, hydration is something all skin types need in any way. The hydrating product should not clog the pores and the formula may differ depending on the skin type.

111Skin The Hydration Concentrate Review
Key Ingredients

The key ingredients in The Hydration Concentrate focus on hydrating and keeping the skin comfortable. They include:

  • Natural Moisturizing Factors or NMFs are naturally present in the skin and they prevent moisture loss from the skin. Also, they keep outer layer of the skin protected and hydrated.
  • Sodium Lactate that is a humectant attracts and retains water within the skin. Also, it prevents the ksin from getting dehydrated, dry, or flaky.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres give a beautiful dewy glowwhile imparting moisture to the skin.
111Skin Concentrates Review
My Thoughts

The Hydration Concentrate works very well with any other ampoules as well as other treatment serums or even on their own before moisturizer. I shake the ampoule nicely before opening it. The texture of this formula is the thickest of all the concentrates compared in the range. But it is not thick as such. It is a little milky and applies really well on the skin. A little massage on the face, neck, and decollete, it absorbs quickly. The formula gives an instant sense of calm and glows to the skin.

111Skin The Hydration Concentrate Review

It has helped my skin that is dehydrated and dull during this time of the year. Even when my skin is a little irritated and needs some soothing after the sun, these ampoules add in some extra layer of protection and moisture. They have not caused any congestion or breakouts. I use these ampoules in my evening skincare routine as I feel my skin feels nice and supple when I wake up the next morning. My skin is glowy, supple, and hydrated. As it is summer right now and I have combination skin, I used these ampoules on alternate days. I can totally see myself using these every night in winter or fall. Again, it is up to your skin and its needs. I follow up with a light moisturizer on the summer nights while for winters, I will reach out for a rich moisturizer.

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