Augustinus Bader Body Cleanser Review

Augustinus Bader Body Cleanser Review

Discover the luxurious body cleanser that infuses your skin with moisture and comfort. With the Winter season here, it's time to switch back to my all-time favorite: The body cleanser from Augustinus Bader.

The Super Foamy Body Cleanser

Augustinus Bader Body Cleanser Review

With summer out, it's time to treat my skin with a deeply nourishing and hydrating cleanser. This rich lather is perfect for capturing dust and pollution without irritating or drying the skin. The formula is enriched with skincare actives that hydrate and lock in moisture daily. Lightweight and divinely scented, the body cleanser works wonders for irritation and redness. The refreshing scent of Eucalyptus is truly lifting and a great way to start the day!

What Is The Difference Between The Body Cleanser And Regular Shower Gel?

Augustinus Bader Body Cleanser Review

The difference between these two types of products lies in the exclusive formula from Augustinus Bader. Their body cleanser cleanses the skin while releasing many skin-nourishing actives. Regular use helps support your skin function and improve its appearance.

The body cleansing foam is 100% vegan and defends your skin from daily stressors and aging. Gently purifying and invigorating the skin with potent plant extracts from bioengineering, you can feel better about yourself and reduce your environmental impact.

What's inside?

  • TFC8® complex
  • Coconut oil: Rich in fatty acids, this naturally sourced oil deeply hydrates for well-nourished skin.
  • Ceramides: Rich in lipids, this active repairs the skin barrier and retains moisture.
  • Rice protein: An anti-irritant, this active helps soothe the skin in cases of dryness or irritations.
  • Lastly, Eucalyptus: Mood booster, this invigorating active helps relieve stress.
Augustinus Bader Body Cleanser Review

My Review

If you suffer from dry skin on the body, then I highly recommend this body cleanser. Soft on the skin but hard on dirt, it is perfect for everyday use. One of the main reasons I love this cleanser is its super-rich foam. The cleanser leaves a beautiful scent on the skin and has helped my skin stay healthy and nourished through the cold. I have definitely noticed a difference since starting this body wash at the beginning of winter. Also, I have recently added the Foaming Facial Cleanser to my routine and couldn't be happier (review here).

Where To Buy It?

Augustinus Bader Body Cleanser is available at:

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