Beauty Heroes Box January Discovery Featuring De Mamiel Review

Beauty Heroes Box January Discovery Featuring De Mamiel Review

The Beauty Heroes box is kicking off the year with the ultimate de-stressor and skincare infusing routine and partnering up with the luxury artisan beauty brand De Mamiel. The Beauty Heroes box relaunches one of its best-selling products, the First Fix Stress Response Serum.

Beauty Heroes Box January Discovery Featuring De Mamiel Review

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First of all, who is De Mamiel? 

Keep reading if you have yet to hear of the skin health specialist Annee de Mamiel and her collection of naturally formulated products. Inspired by science and the impact stress has on the skin, the De Mamiel skincare brand combines Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, and Aesthetician knowledge to create a holistic approach to skincare. The collection of anti-stress products restores total balance. The products are made by hand and are independently sourced from farms in Australia, South Africa, and Morocco—a genuine luxury artisan beauty brand.

De Mamiel Review

What's Inside The January Heroes Box?

Starting the ear on a high note, inside the box are two full-size products worth $240. Let's take a closer look:

De Mamiel First Fix Stress Response Serum(30 ml | $216)
De Mamiel First Fix Stress Response Serum Review

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It took 13 years of research to create the perfect anti-stress serum. Hidden inside the essence-like serum is a highly concentrated formula of Neurophroline, the extract of wild indigo explicitly targets the causes and effects of stress on the skin. Furthermore, Prebiotics and Sea Buckthorn also help strengthen the skin's natural barrier, while hyaluronic acid, squalene, prickly pear, cacay, and pomegranate increase the skin's hydration. 

Over time, the serum reduces the effects Cortisol has on our skin. The First Fix stress response serum is the best rescue treatment for every skin type that needs a helping hand.

De Mamiel Multi-Active Hydramist (20 ml | $24)
De Mamiel Multi-Active Hydramist Review

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Restoring hydration to your stressed or tired skin can seem impossible, but that's where the multi-active hydramist steps in. Quick and straightforward to use, the lightweight mist holds multi-molecular weight hyaluronic and polyglucoronic acids. What does this mean? It means the hyaluronic acid will penetrate your skin deeper and have an all-round hydrating action. You can also find Wild Rosella, which immediately hydrates and restores the skin's microbiome. While Ectoin and Rock Rose help reduce redness. You can add the hydramist to any skincare routine, and it is an everyday shield and antioxidant support.

How Does Stress (Cortisol) Affect Our Skin?

Like everything within the body, Cortisol is an excellent and valuable hormone when used in balance. When we have a regular or high amount of stress, it can modify our skin condition and is often at the heart of most skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc). The stress hormone can cause accelerated aging, leaving you looking run down and tired. The most common symptoms are redness, increased sensitivity, sagging, dryness, and dullness.

My Review

To start 2024 in the best way possible, and after working hard this past year. I treated myself to this anti-stress treatment. The textures and how soft these products leave my skin are amazing. I saw rapid results in brightness and evenness, and I would 100% recommend this to those going through a rough patch. Above all, I love that the products are handmade and authentic. 

I enjoyed last month's discovery box featuring Blüh Alchemy body care products. (review here) They are a must-have for winter skin care.

Where To Buy It?

Beauty Heroes Box January Discovery Featuring De Mamiel is available at:

Use code VELVET15 for 15% off

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