Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask Review

Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask Review

Luxury is taking on a whole new meaning with this 24k gold face mask. Chantecaille's golden collection is a powerful global anti-aging revolution, so let's check out their iconic face mask!

The Gold Recovery Face Mask

Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask Review

The Golden Recovery face mask is a luxuriously rich multi-tasking mask packed with powerful ingredients to moisturize and soothe the skin. Infused with the exclusive Chantecaille golden formula, this face mask revitalizes and perfects skin texture for a youthful appearance. The Swiss antioxidant-rich face mask is ideal for regaining toned, firmer-looking skin with a healthy glow. Its pure botanical formula is built from 94% of Natural Origin ingredients, making it one of the purest out there.

What's Inside?

Here are the key ingredients in Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask:

  • 24 K Gold: Rich in antioxidants, this precious metal has fantastic healing properties. The gold formula is incredibly soothing, with vitamin C for an extra brightening effect.
  • Probiotic Ferment: This skin-smoothing probiotic helps promote cell turnover.
  • Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Sunflower Oil: This skin-strengthening duo is the key to restoring the skin's protective barrier. Instantly relieving dry, itchy, and stressed skin, the mask helps reduce redness and couperose.
Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask Review

Why Use Gold-Based Skincare?

Gold-based skincare is nothing new to the market, but there is more than one reason it is sticking around. This ancient mineral has long been used in Eastern traditions to heal and repair the skin from trauma and stress. Chantecaille has paired these healing properties with Vitamin C to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask Review

My Review

I love a night mask, so the gold recovery mask is perfect. The mask has a beautiful texture that goes a long way, so only a tiny amount is needed. Leaving the mask on overnight, I woke up with baby-soft skin and a fresh complexion. The gold face mask is ideal for lifting, brightening, and smoothing out the skin the night before an event. I recommend this to women or men over 35 years of age. I used my mask once a week and noticed a difference in skin texture. This mask is more than worth the price!

I also recently finished 24 Karat Gold Firming Moisturizer(review here) from the brand and it is the perfect moisturizer to use in combination with this mask.

Other masks I keep on rotation from the brand are Bio-Lifting Mask+ (review here), Hibiscus Smoothing Mask (review here), Jasmine & Lilly Healing Mask (review here).

Check out the 2023 Chantecaille holiday collection here. (review here)

Where To Buy It?

Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask is available at:

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