Clarins Double Serum Eye Review

Clarins Double Serum Eye Review

Ageing is a part of life, and so to say, we have to grow with that. But that doesn't mean we can't slow it down.

Clarins Double Serum Eye Review
The Double Serum Eye

The gel-cream eye serum is suitable for all skin types and works wonders for your eyes. Deeply nourishing, the serum helps hydrate, oxygenate and enlighten your skin. Like the original serum, the product is separated into two phases: oil-based and water-based. The two faces mix together when released from the pump to form a lightweight super-powered serum.

Clarins Double Serum Eye Review


When used daily, the eye serum will smooth out fine lines and depuff those swollen under the eyes. Applying the serum with a massage can help drain the under eye and eliminate visible dark circles. This will reduce the tired, dull look in the eyes.

Clarins Double Serum Eye Review
What's Inside?

Most Clarins products work with plant-based ingredients.

  • Organic Wild Chervil Extract: Giving your skin a break helps brighten and smooth the eye area.
  • Turmeric: Acting on all signs of ageing, this cream can reduce or prevent fine lines, wrinkles and lack of firmness around the eyes.
  • Horse chestnut: reduces puffiness under the eyes.
  • Ginger lily: antioxidant and anti-aging.
  • Leaf of life: boosts natural hydration.
  • Kiwi fruit: rich in vitamins A, B, C and E.
  • White horehound: Protect your skin.
  • Avocado: Boosts skin renewal.
  • Oats: Toning properties.
  • Furcellaria: Protects against pollution.
  • Succory dock dress: Fights environmental aggressors.
Clarins Double Serum Eye Review
Clarins Double Serum Eye Review
My Experience

I love everything about this eye serum, from the soft texture to the beautiful scent. I got fantastic results in two weeks, and my eyes are much more comfortable. As I struggled with dry skin around my eyes due to many years of removing eye makeup without using an eye cream later, and this cream removed all uncomfortable sensations. My skin looked great, and my dark circles were reduced but still existed.

Although this is a great anti-ageing product, I recommend it to women in their late 20s. The serum hits all the right spots and will help you keep a youthful glow in your eyes.

Where To Buy It?

Clarins Double Serum Eye is available at:

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