Beauty Heroes February Box Featuring Free+True | Review

Beauty Heroes February Box Featuring Free+True | Review

The Beauty Heroes box is back with its February 2024 edition of clean beauty products. This month, they are partnering up with the iconic Free+True skincare brand. Inside the box are three full-sized products, one being a NEW release!

Beauty Heroes February Box Featuring Free+True | Review

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Who is Free + True?

This clean beauty brand is inspired by the founder's active lifestyle and limited time for complex rituals. Crafted by licensed esthetician Tami Blake, the small range of face and body products contain California-grown botanicals. Let's take a look at the three products you will receive.

What's inside February's box?

Free+True skincare Review

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NEW RELEASE: Free+True Milk+Tansy Bi-Phase Essence (100 ml | $68)

Free+True Milk+Tansy Bi-Phase Essence Review

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A new addition to Free + True is coming your way in this month's box. The hydrating oily serum toner contains a Blue tansy oil (skin-soothing and inflammation-calming) and Desert Milk™ (a blend of natural oils and extracts: baobab fruit extract and seed oil, Kalahari melon seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and aloe vera). The bi-phase toner boosts hydration and reinforces the skin's natural barrier. Before using the essence activate it by shaking and watch the magic happen.

Free+True Ramblin Rose Soothing Hydration Serum (50 ml | $68)

Free+True Ramblin Rose Soothing Hydration Serum Review

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The second step in your skincare routine, the hydrating serum, is a cushion of moisture. Suitable for every skin type, the highly concentrated formula boosts your skin with its energetic composition:

  • Pomegranate juice restores moisture levels while detoxing your skin.
  • Multi-sized hyaluronic acid captures moisture and plumps the cells, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Also, a Rosewater base provides soothing actions to reduce redness and puffiness.
  • Lastly, white tea is rich in antioxidants and supports skin elasticity and firmness.

Free+True Nature + Nurture Pure Guava Seed Oil (30 ml |$52)

Free+True Nature + Nurture Pure Guava Seed Oil Review

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The key to protected and nourished skin lies within this cream. The fluffy and light texture is a fast-absorbing, simple skincare product. It contains Guava seed oil (rich in fatty acids), vitamins A, C, and E, selenium, and beta-carotene. This daily moisturizing cream is a potent skin brightener, scar eraser, and free radical scavenger. Thus, it is protecting your skin from daily aggressions and repairing existing damage. Your skin grows healthier as the days go by.

Free+True Skincare Review

My Review

I am excited that the Beauty Heroes have paired up with Free + True! I have previously tried the serum and hydrating cream and instantly loved it. The cream instantly melts into the skin, leaving a silky base for makeup, and the serum brings an instant feeling of comfort. I saw a significant improvement in brightness and my skin's general appearance. Also, I recommend this simple and effective trio if you have little time for complex skin care routines. The products all have beautiful textures and immediately leave my skin glowing and comfortable. 

I look forward to testing the NEW bi-phase toner/ lotion and trying out a bi-phase texture. Free + True skincare products have multiple actions that keep the quantity of products needed to a minimum. Amazing!

Also, check out January's discovery featuring De Mamiel (review here). I am still enjoying it very much.

Where To Buy It?

Beauty Heroes February Box, as well as Free+True products, is available at:

Use code VELVET15 for 15% off

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