May Lindstrom – My Wellness & Skincare Routine

May Lindstrom – My Wellness & Skincare Routine

In such a busy world, making that special self-care moment for yourself daily is essential. Combining Wellness and skin care can greatly impact your skin's appearance and overall feelings!

May Lindstrom Skincare Review

How Do We Include Wellness In Our Day-to-Day Lives?

Over the years, Wellness has become a big “trend” and has been pushed to be something extra special and complex. The truth is that Wellness comes in so many shapes and forms depending on each person. 

Here are a few simple ideas of how you can include wellness steps into your life:

-Inside | Look at your food: Food is a great way to boost your mood, and a varied diet can massively help your skin health. Think of foods that can boost your body's natural systems, and remember to treat yourself to something nice!

Ease your mind: When life gets too much and you need a time out, ease your mind by finding yourself a hobby or activity. People have said this repeatedly, but it shouldn't just be sports, reading, or meditation that are pushed. Find something YOU enjoy! For example, my friend loves to sing even though her neighbours can hear her.

Outside | Skincare: Yes, that's right. Taking time for yourself and looking after your skin is a form of self-love. Take time to get to know your skin type and needs. Although this may seem daunting initially, the more you know your skin, the better results you will get.

I recently treated myself to a skincare routine from May Lindstrom and couldn't be happier. Here are the three products I chose:

The Honey Mud | Enzyme & Acid Facial Pudding

May Lindstrom Honey Mud Review

As the first step in this routine, the honey mud cleansing and masking routine will plunge you into an ultra-sensorial and addictive routine. The Honey mud pudding is perfect for removing dead cells, debris, makeup, and sunscreen on the skin surface. Also, read my full review here.

The Jasmine Garden | Botanical Facial Mist

May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden Mist Review

Like a breath of fresh air, this calming and refreshing face mist is necessary for deep penetration of your skincare routine. I absolutely adore this step and how light the droplets feel! Read my detailed review here.

The Blue Cocoon | Solid Oil Facial Concentrate

May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon Review

Every skincare routine is complete with a moisturizer, and May Lindstrom offers the most unique and comforting experience. The Blue cocoon face oil melts into a hydrating, anti-inflammatory fluid that instantly envelops the skin. Also, read my full review here.

My Experience

The truth behind Wellness is that everyone looks completely different, which is beautiful. I found a sense of Wellness from skincare and looking after my visual appearance. If you are like me and believe skincare does good on the inside and out, then May Lindstrom will want you to try everything. I purchased these products a few weeks ago and adore the textures! Each application becomes an authentic experience and indulges all of your senses. The three-step skincare routine works harmoniously to target and correct the skin while promoting its natural rhythm. I recommend May Lindstrom's formulas for their clean, well-proven skincare actives. Sometimes, it is the simple yet effective products that give the best result! 

Where To Buy It?

May Lindstrom Products are available at:

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