Chantecaille Weekly Mask Routine Review

Chantecaille Weekly Mask Routine Review

Chantecaille was celebrating its mask month early this year, and I thought, why not share all my favourite masks from the brand in one post? Plus, here are some top tips and tricks to get perfect skin.

Chantecaille Mask Review

Discover the face masks and find the ideal mask for your skin needs.

Hibiscus Smoothing Mask

The Hibiscus smoothing mask is a gentle re-texturing mask that uses a blend of papaya, fresh grapefruit, and flower acids such as revitalizing hibiscus. Its luxuriously rich texture helps perfect the skin by improving smoothness and radiance and providing regular exfoliation (full review here).

Chantecaille Weekly Mask Routine Review

Jasmine & Lily Calming Mask

The Jasmine & Lily face mask is a cooling treatment made from botanicals to soothe and hydrate dry skin. The face mask is rich in healing properties and doubles as a rich night cream (full review here). The Jasmine & Lily calming mask revives dull-looking or overexposed skin ( jet-lagged, wind-chapped, or sunburnt). 

Psst: Combine both of these masks for soothed and glowy skin. I generally apply the Hibiscus mask in the evening and use the Jasmine face mask as an overnight mask. 

Detox Clay Mask

Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask Review

The Detox clay mask is a black clay treatment that rebalances the skin's moisture levels and reduces the size of pores. Made from a balanced combination of kaolin clay and pure honey, the mask absorbs excess sebum while nourishing your skin to return to its healthy self (full review here).

Bio Lifting + Mask

Chantecaille Bio Lifting + Mask Review

The bio lifting + mask is a powerful lifting treatment made from a combination of exclusive plant stem cells, four innovative peptides, and immediate tensing agents. Along with its profoundly moisturizing action, this face mask gives your face an immediate lift for a more toned and smooth appearance (full review here). Restore your youth before heading to any important event.

Gold Recovery Mask

Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask Review

The gold recovery mask is a rich, multi-tasking mask that infuses your skin with moisturizing. The mask's formula contains antioxidant-rich 24K gold and Blackcurrant seed oil to soothe delicate skin and strengthen the skin's moisture barrier. This highly luxurious treatment doesn't stop there; it also features probiotics and a powerful combination of peptides that tone and firm the skin (full review here).

Psst: The Bio Lifting + and Gold Recovery Mask can be used as overnight masks/ night creams regularly.

My Final Thoughts

Chantecaille has been my go-to skincare brand for a while now. I adore the sensational textures and how committed the brand is to helping animals and the planet. 

I have previously tried all of these masks and love every one of these five. My two favourites are the Hibiscus smoothing mask, which helps clear up my skin, and It is excellent to use in the mornings as it creates a smooth makeup base. And the Bio lifting + mask that instantly wipes away the years. The masks have rich and fluffy textures that instantly melt into the skin. I love how they double up as overnight treatments, as I only have a little time for a complete skincare routine. I always recommend these masks to my friends; we have all gotten excellent results.

Where To Buy It?

Chantecaille Masks are available at:

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