Omorovicza Queen Cleanser Review

Omorovicza Queen Cleanser Review

Omorovicza Queen Cleanser is a new face cleanser from Omorovicza. This cleanser stands out among thousands of other skin-cleansing products thanks to its captivating texture and luxurious design. I have used a few cleansers from the band including their new Gentle Buffing Gelee. It is my go-to when my skin is dull and also for everyday gentle exfoliation. I was intrigued by the pink jar and texture of Queen Cleanser. It is inspired by nostalgic cold-cream rituals.

Omorovicza Queen Cleanser Review

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Key ingredients

Queen Cleanser has the following key ingredients:

  • Omorovicza's Healing Concentrate: Omorovicza's exclusive patented skincare formula. This formula helps to make the skin more youthful and rosy.
  • The complex of seed oils: Has a moisturizing effect, and cleans impurities hidden deep under skin pores.
  • Calendula Extract: An anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing nutrient, very suitable for those with sensitive and easily irritated skin.
  • Moringa Seed Peptide: Provides an abundant amount of vitamin C to help prevent oxidation and strengthen the skin barrier.

Omorovicza Queen Cleanser has a creamy, milky texture that is softer than wax. The cleanser has a pleasant smell.

Omorovicza Queen Cleanser Review
My Review Of Omorovicza Queen Cleanser

I use this cleanser in the evening as my first cleanser to remove makeup and sunscreen. In each use, I would take a grape-sized amount of the cream, massage it over my fingers and then apply it to my face. I prefer using it on dry skin but it can be used on damp skin also. The Queen Cleanser quickly melts and forms an oil layer to wash away dirt and oil on the face. This product does not foam. After 2-3 minutes of massage, I wash my face with clean water and finally wipe it with a dry cotton makeup remover. Other days, I love removing it with a damp cloth towel.

Omorovicza Queen Cleanser Review

This cleanser cream is very smooth and silky when massaged onto the skin. Despite being thick, it does not feel heavy and instantly melts with the warmth of the fingers. Omorovicza Queen Cleanser gently cleanses the skin. Although it does not foam, its cleaning effect is very good. I have removed makeup including foundation, eye makeup with it. It worked nicely without any issues. Moreover, I have not experienced any irritation or residue once it is removed. For double cleansing, I use Gentle Buffing Gelee after using Queen Cleanser.

It makes my skin so much softer and also helped me get rid of flaking skin. My skin is comfortable, supple, and radiant. I enjoy using Queen Cream after using Queen Cleanser. This duo works nicely for supple, youthful, and nourished skin.

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